Exciting New Partnership with Everyday Health!

YouTube is launching a new initiative over the next month. They invested $100 million in new networks with big companies like LiveStrong, Meredith Inc, Rodale and Lionsgate. I was contacted before I left for Argentina by Everyday Health to collaborate on a few videos for their new network as part of YouTube’s new investment in new quality content. I put together some of my favorite quick workouts and headed down to NYC last week to film with EH. Check out how it went below.

We shot six fitness videos at a home for day one. Basically, they are going to be uploaded as individual videos and strung together as a Sarah Fit playlist on the Everyday Health Channel. We also shot in an office for a fun office workout on day two. You can see what I do to stay fit and energetic while I travel on my Busy Bee in NYC post.

Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers recently wrote about podcasts. I shared with her that my favorite one to listen to when I go for walks is the Jillian Michaels Show. I didn’t realize that her website and podcast are actually managed by Everyday Health! I’m pretty excited to have a video that is going to be hosted on the same channel as one of my idols!

While listening, I noticed the audio sounded slightly off and realized they are now filming the podcast so you will be able to watch the podcast on YouTube in segments from now on. If you like this sort of thing, make sure you subscribe to EH on YouTube. They also have shows that feature Joy Bauer (“What The Heck Are You Eating”), a fitness show that my friend Caseey Ho of Blogilates will star in, and a sex therapy health show with Dr Laura Berman.

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