Father’s Day Gift Idea and Giveaway: TomTom Golfer

Father’s day always seems to sneak up on me despite all the advertisements on TV. To be honest, my father (who reads this blog religiously despite it being for young women), would prefer a personalized thoughtful card, which usually works out to my benefit given my tendency for procrastination.

He always says that he doesn’t need anything. Typically, I (try to) buy him dinner, always get him a card, sometimes a picture frame with an old photo or split a flight with my brother and sister so he can come visit us from Florida. Of course, if you are a single child this may get pricey so having siblings helps on this one. 

But for the newer dads who are tuckered out from rising early, waking up in the middle of the night and being great dads, there are finer things to show appreciation. 

My brother in law, and father to my niece Cami, plays golf probably more than once a week. When I wear my fancy GPS and heart rate monitoring watches athletes are always asking questions. Until now, I’m not sure there was a watch specifically designed for golfers like Geno to improve their game, like runners do with our fancy watches. 

TW golfer3

The TomTom Golfer utilizes GPS, course information and full-screen graphics to show you accurate hazard and green distances (to front, center and back of green). helps golfers plan their game and quickly make informed decisions on their next shot by introducing full-screen graphical visualizations and wireless access to critical course data. It comes preloaded with information on more than 34,000 courses that can be updated wirelessly through a smartphone. 

Light and durable it looks sharp too. It looks similar to the other TomTom models which I wear and get tons of questions and compliments on it. 

FB golfer1

The TomTom Golfer is intended for people who are aiming to improve their game and consistently reach lower scores. There are two key factors that determine a golfer’s success – swing mechanics and course strategy. Ben Hogan famously said: “the most important shot in golf is the next one”. The TomTom Golfer helps golfers set their course strategy by providing at-a-glance graphics to critical course data. This enables golfers to quickly make smarter decisions on their next shot and improve how they play.


With a two year old daughter and a second little girl on her way (due in August!), I know my brother in law would really appreciate this gift. Roomie would too, but he’ll have to wait at least another year for a Father’s day gift. 

If you know a dad that would love this as a gift, enter to win a TomTom Golfer below by leaving a comment before 6/18 at 9am. That is Thursday morning at 9am! We will send it out Thursday afternoon so that it gets to you in time for Father’s Day on Sunday. 

This conversation is sponsored by TomTom USA. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Winner will be notified at 9am on Thursday morning via the email left when you leave a comment. If the winner does not respond back by 1pm EST, we can’t guarantee that the watch will get to you on Saturday however, it will get to you the following week 🙂 

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