I’m going to let you all in on a little secret I have.  It’s rather personal but I like sharing, isn’t that why I’m a blogger?

I battle irrational decision making when I have PMS.  I tend to make life altering

decisions the week before my period.  This causes more than just being called a “Bitch”.  Sorry boys, but this post is not for you (unless you are a trainer with female clients here looking for help.)

I was not aware of my situation until right before I left for college and I put the pieces together.  I chose to go to Providence College after getting in early.  Sent in my deposit and was done.  For some reason I decided to visit during finals and found the campus utterly boring.  Duhhh Sarah, it was finals week!

Long story short, I made my mother drive to the other schools I was accepted to the week before May 1st, and ultimately chose the University of Delaware.  All this based on my PMS.  I don’t regret going UD, but sometimes I wish I had gone closer to Boston.  I  miss my friends terribly since most do not live near by.  I probably would have enjoyed PC just as much but I will never know.

I’ve also made a few other ridiculous decisions that I won’t disclose but the significance of certain situations feel so overly magnified when I experience PMS. I used result to food to deal with the stress (yes, even me!) but I’ve learned over the years how to deal with my PMS through exercise and diet.

Nutrients that help and what foods I eat to get them: 

  • Magnesium: Peanut Butter, Brown Rice, Spinach, Edamame
  • Calcium: Broccoli, Kale, Greek Yogurt, Cheese (Mini Babybel© Light)
  • Vitamin A: Sweet Potato, Carrots, Melon, Eggs
  • B Vitamins: Banana
  • Vitamin E: Asparagus, Avocado, Almonds

To find out how each nutrient helps, continue reading here.

Don’t forget, that your body does burn slightly more calories for some reason right before you get your period.  I’m talking maybe 100 calories tops but still, if you crave chocolate, give yourself some compassion and have it in a moderate amount.  Dark chocolate helps produce endorphins as well, so if you are like me, it will help battle the Debbie Downer moments.

You know what also help?  EXERCISE!  Yes, this is by far my favorite way to combat PMS.  From yoga to long runs, you can’t go wrong and you don’t need to remember what nutrient does what and is in which foods.  Make sure to exercise at least 3x for 45 minutes minimum, the week before your period to prevent irrational thoughts and decisions that can lead to a session of comfort food binging.

To be honest, it took me awhile to put the pieces together regarding my moods and my period.  Have you ever taken a look?  How do you handle PMS?

Foods That Fight PMS

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  • Sarah

    I definitely battle PMS. I take birth control pills, which I thought would help with the crazy mood swings and other horrible side effects, but it doesn’t. In the past I would take a Cadbury chocolate bar and slowly eat it (or quickly eat it lol) during the week before my period came. Chocolate kept me sane. I’m trying to eat magnesium rich foods instead and exercise now, but sometimes you just need chocolate, Lifetime movies, and a good cry.

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