Over the past year, it’s been interesting to see how car companies have entered the world of working with social media influencers, especially on the fitness side of things.

I was lucky to go down to the Porsche Driving School with Oakley in September, but let’s be honest, can I really afford a Porsche? I wish. The experience was super cool and if you can afford that, I would recommend it! Other car companies have invited bloggers to their Headquarters or test drive their vehicles for a week. Ford is doing something different and pretty cool. 

Some of my favorite YouTubers like Brittani Taylor, Daily Grace and Eleventh Gorgeous are Ford Fiesta Movement Agents. Brittani is multi-talented with parody videos, Grace is hilarious and the girls at Eleventh Gorgeous are super cute with their style and beauty help. Ford leased a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta for all 100 agents to drive for free! Ford pays for their gas, insurance, administrative costs and even has thrown in a few extra’s like the GoPro Hero3. With 100 agents, Ford sends the social media savvy group out on missions which are filmed. Each month has a theme. May happened to be Travel and this video features Brittani Hang Gliding! 


Not gonna lie but I’m a little jealous. I’m not sure how the agents were chosen because some seem to be actors, others instagramers and then the YouTubers. The videos do a cool job showing off the tech savvy vehicles. The other challenges include social activism, gaming, style, entertainment and more. They even have a month dedicated to fitness like this one showing one of the agents learning how to Slack Line. Some of the agents even got invited to go behind the scenes of American Idol to meet the contestants and interview them. Mystery Guitar man seems like he is enjoying the the singing tips from the idol hopefuls from last season. 

The mission that looks to be like a perfect road trip comes from the gals of Eleventh Gorgoeus who drove down from Philadelphia to the Kentucky Derby with Maxim! Like, what?! That’s so cool. While I have not joined the Fiesta Movement, I’m now a part of it as I’ve watched many of the excursions from my favorite YouTubers. 

I think this is a great promotion. It’s an affordable car that is using the tech savvy to market a vehicle with fun tech features. Would you buy a car based on it’s social media involvement or seeing it in YouTube videos from your favorite personalities? 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed are my own. 

Ford Fiesta Movement

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  • Sarah

    I am happy I am not the only one that feels…um jealous:) I have been following it as well and its such a great promotion. I don’t think I would buy a car based on social media involvement alone but it defiantly doesn’t hurt:!

    I am totally afraid of heights but if I got a free car to drive around pretty sure I would go hang…gliding:)

    Thanks for sharing Sarah!

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