I just saw a video that I might enjoy just as much as my own Photoshop video. It’s called Fotoshop by Adobe, which I’m sure is spelled incorrectly to avoid legal action. It’s a fake TV commercial disguised as a beauty ad. I’m pretty sure this will go viral, so be one of the first to see it now.

Most of my readers and friends know I love videos like this. It never gets old and it can’t be driven enough in my opinion. The liquify tool is the craziest of them all. It allows you to shed pounds in seconds. It pushes the pixels closer together creating instant weight loss. Great job to the YouTube channel who produced this video!

“Why waste time working out when you can look like you do in seconds?”

This pretty much sums up my post on stars and their trainers last week.

Fotoshop by Adobe

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  • Alex

    Your video on photoshop totally changed how I look at magazines. All women (young women in particular) should be informed as to how the images we see in the media are altered. The unrealistic expectations are having a serious effect on not only the physical health but also the mental health of American women.

  • Meagan

    Hey Sarah,
    your blog is so inspiring and has really improved my self worth and body image, as i have learned to nourish my body instad of hate it.
    I have been diagnosed with Bulimia and the everyday pressures to be thin and “perfect” have really taken a toll, especially being 15.

    You are such a great role model and have helped me through my recovery.
    You have taught me to love and help my body, and that perfection doesn’t exist, and that beauty is health and happiness.
    Thanks so much,


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