Fresh Take on Meatless Meals: 15 Vegetarian Recipes

I love eating vegetarian a few times a week. As Michael Pollan famously said, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Eating vegetarian is also cheaper than buying meat for most meals. I love buying packs of veggie burgers as a way to make sure that I’m getting enough protein since I’m terrible at cooking tofu and seitan. I just can’t cook meat alternatives and never feel like I’m getting enough protein without them. However, I rarely eat them as burgers. I cook and then chop them up to use them in other recipes, often combining them with more ingredients. Morningstar Farm has been a go to of mine for a while as it is sold at Trader Joe’s, Target and other discount retailers. Here is a recipe collection featuring 15 hand selected meatless dishes for a Fresh Take on Meals.

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by Sarah Fit at Foodie.com

For a quick vegetarian dinner, I’ll stir fry up frozen vegetables, then use the same pan to heat up a veggie burger and chop it up. I put both on top of a plate of Quinoa that I usually prepare on Sundays for an easy 15 minute dinner topped with hot sauce and avocado if I have it!

My favorite Morningstar Farms flavors are the Spicy Black Bean Burger and Mediterranean Chickpea Burger. During football season however, I often buy the Buffalo Chik’n Patties so I can enjoy the sweet smell I often resist as the dive bar Roomie drags me to. I will eat an occasional Buffalo wing, but at $0.25 a wing… I can’t imagine what the heck is in one or where it came from.


While I love veggie burgers – as seen at the farmer’s market in Londong above, I am always trying to use their quick cooking convenience and flavors in other recipes. Buns are boring. Equip your kitchen like me, especially your freezer with quick and easy options for dinner time.

This post is part of a Morningstar Farms and Foodie campaign. All thoughts and ideas are my own. The recipes were hand chosen as I love each one or look forward to trying out myself soon!


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