Getting back into the groove of things

Traveling for work kept me from sticking with my regular routine – from eating to working out. I’ve been back for a full week and just starting to feel like I’m finding my groove again. Typically I crave junk food when I get back from long periods of travel but luckily I haven’t really this time. Fruit has been my go to snack.

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However, we did stop at Santarpio’s when I first landed last Saturday… Roomie picked me up at the airport and like a couple of 70 year olds, we enjoyed a nice date night out at 5pm in East Boston at the legendary pizza joint. We had fish 80% of our meals in the Caribbean and I just wanted some cheese and bread.

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Last week was short and flew by. On Monday I went to Barry’s Bootcamp Abs and Arms with Christina, and on Tuesday I went to BTone with Claudia who always makes me sore. BTone is done on a Megaformer which looks like a Pilates reformer but less torture-chamber. I try to go once a week because it gives my lungs a break from the cardio I get at Barry’s and when I run outside.

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On Wednesday, I had a healthy day which started with teaching a class at Barry’s and lunch at Pressed in Beacon Hill. I ordered the Iron green juice and the Avocado Toast. I must say, the avocado toast is the best I’ve had. Seriously.

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It has pumpkin seed oil on top and spicy pepitas that give it a guacamole sort of flavor. No idea what it was that made it so good but I’ll be back!

Later that evening, I took class with Cyc founder Keoni at the new Boston location that just opened up. The killer class was followed by a little grand opening party at near by Liquid Art House.

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I’m going to write a full review in a separate post to keep things organized.

The week felt like a blur. I was trying to catch up on my emails while finishing up work from my Caribbean travels and then meet my family down the Cape! My brother and his family were visiting from LA for the week. I taught class at Burn Fitness at 8am and did the workout with the students and then left immediately after to spend some QT with my fam. You might remember my buddy Campbell who just turned 3 last month!

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It was nice to actually be able to relax at the beach. Sure, I was traveling in the Caribbean for the past 2 weeks but I was working and wasn’t able to just chill. It was also the kick off for summer for me. I visited my favorite sandwich shop in the Cape, the Mercantile after an easy 3 mile run Friday late morning.

IMG 9996

They also have the best cinnamon rolls. Growing up, I would eat 2 of these every morning before my 45-minute swimming lesson Monday through Friday. How I stayed so skinny will always be a mystery to me. I rarely get them anymore because they sell out usually before lunch time but I couldn’t resist when I saw them still out.

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Finally, I got to check out some of the promo pictures we shot for the SFit digital club coming out later this summer. I shared it on Instagram because I remember thinking the day this was taken that I didn’t look toned or skinny enough. Now seeing the photo, I don’t know what I was thinking!? I think I look pretty good. Where did those demons come from?

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We are our own toughest critics. If you read my blog, you know I’m not about being perfect but about enjoying the things that make life awesome like doughnuts or pizza and a fun day of drinking on the beach with your friends. I try to balance it out with working out obviously. I’m cool not being a size 0 but sometimes I am way too hard on myself by comparing my body to other fitness professionals. It’s easy to let trolls from the internet get into my head who tell me I’m not “fit” or “skinny” enough. Just because I don’t wear bikinis in my videos doesn’t mean I don’t have strong abs and legs that could kick your ass in a foot race.

This 4th of July weekend, I hope you guys fit in a good workout and then enjoy the festivities with a S’More or two. Be proud of your achievements and how amazing your body truly is regardless of what the scale says.

After this weekend, I’m hoping that I can finally get back to my normal routine of eating clean (ish) and working out, but until then, enjoy this week leading up to my favorite holiday!

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