Getting Ready For The Holidays with Xfinity

This post is sponsored by Comcast New England but I am a life long subscriber and these thoughts, opinions are my own. I occasionally get a chance to work with some of my favorite brands to which I am a strong advocate and this is one of them! 

As a blogger, you don’t get a company holiday party but you do get invited to a few soirees to celebrate anyway. When I finally had the chance to have a sitter, I happily accepted the invite from my friend Kristen Quinn of Misadventures in Mommyhood who was hosting on behalf of Comcast New England.

I attended the last one and had a blast so I knew I had to join once again. Getting there was a bit of an adventure but once I arrived (an hour late) I was greeted with a warm welcome and lots of savory appetizers that almost looked too good to eat.

I was having one of those weeks where I couldn’t do anything right. Nick came home 15 minutes late. I missed my exit. I entered the wrong address into my GPS and didn’t realize it until I had fought 10 minute to find parking. I ran into the mall to only realize, the event was not at the mall but at a near by shopping center. It was my fault and I should have only been 20 minutes late but live and learn and check the invitation twice.


My first email was a and I’ve been a cable subscriber ever since (with the exception of a regrettable 2 year satellite experience.) Until I started going to these Comcast events, I had no idea I had access to half of these features for free!

  • If you don’t have a voice remote, you’re missing out. It makes finding your favorite shows super fast which comes in handy with an impatient toddler.

You can also say “Santa Tracker” and up pops a fun interactive homepage complete with holiday movies, games, sing-alongs, a “naughty or nice” quiz and a way to track Santa as he goes across the world on Christmas Eve/Morning. Try this if your kids are still believers!


At times we have trouble accessing our wifi in our upstairs and I also learned how to increase the signal throughout my home with their new xFi Pods. The pods are easy to install to create a whole-home mesh WiFi network. You just plug them into indoor electrical outlets just like an air freshener. You do need the new xFi Gateway router which is the fastest router yet. If you have a long house or trouble getting WiFi throughout like my mom at her house in Cape Cod, these are for you!

I also had no idea you could get a cell phone and coverage through the new Xfinity Mobile. It is the nation’s first wireless service combining America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network (which is actually Verizon’s) with 18 million Xfinity WiFi hotspots to deliver a great wireless experience for less money. You also have the option to change mid billing cycle from “Pay Per Gig” to “Unlimited” at no extra charge. IMG_2201

If you always lose your phone at home, there’s even an option known as Phone Finder and all you have do is say “Xfinity Mobile, find Sarah’s phone” and I’ll receive a call helping me locate my phone. Sure I’m 33 but I still share a plan with my mom and this may push me to get my own account to save some serious money. Choose between $12/gig or $45 for unlimited data per line!

You can also upgrade your phone EVERY YEAR. Not sure how that works out financially but as someone who is always holding out on the newest iPhone because I don’t want to miss the next awesome upgrade this is a great option.

As a mom, I use the Xfinity stream app all the time, it’s free to use if you are a subscriber. In the AM, I let Tommy watch a show on the TV while I make his breakfast, while I watch the morning news live on my phone using the Xfinity stream app sitting on the kitchen counter. We don’t have cable in our upstairs bedroom so if I want to watch something live, again, I’ll watch it on the app.


I look like I was hit by a bus because I almost was running to this event, just kidding. I’m so glad I made it so that now I can fix my WiFi problems in the summer at my mom’s house and in our upstairs. I also now can’t wait to switch and get my own phone plan to save myself money!

Thank you Kristen and Comcast New England for hosting. You are all such a fun group and worth the drive to Burlington even if it was at rush hour ????. To get all these amazing features, become a Comcast Xfinity subscriber!



Getting Ready For The Holidays with Xfinity

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