On Christmas, I gifted myself a day off from working out. To be honest, I intended to go for a run to get out of the house but it was slightly raining and just above freezing temperature outside. I did not bring my running rain jacket and I did not want to do a strength workout in my small bedroom. I would have done a little yoga if there was privacy in the house but there really wasn’t.

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On Christmas Eve, I fit in a morning workout at The Bar Method. I grabbed a green juice on my way home made with kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger and lemon. Before I left the house for the cape, I made some scrambled eggs (1 whole egg, 3 egg whites with a little almond milk) and avocado. I knew my mom made my favorite dessert, Grasshopper pie and was slightly preparing. I grabbed a bowl of veggie and lentil soup from whole foods for lunch and a large handful of almonds before church.

After church, I feasted on oysters, red wine, candied walnuts, honey baked ham (my favorite), roasted butternut squash, and green beans. For dessert, I obviously had Grasshopper pie. The gang was laughing at “What would my Sarah Fit readers think?” so I said I would post a picture on Instagram to show my #1 weakness. Immediately, the picture had over 100 likes. I guess you guys like seeing me indulge in unhealthy dessert! I love sweets and you guys know that. Rarely do I post my treats so your reactions were funny.

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A few asked what Grasshopper pie is and it’s like ice cream pie but way better. The crust is made of butter and crushed Hydrox. If you remember Hydrox, you get a star. That is how old this recipe is. My family has been eating it since the early 80’s. When they stopped making Hydrox, my mom started using Oreos. This year she used the Newman’s Organic version this year which I think tasted better. The filling is heavy whipping cream, creme de menthe and fluff. You freeze it and it tastes better than any mint chocolate chip ice cream I’ve tried. I found a similar recipe on Pioneer Woman is you want to try making it yourself. We do use creme de menthe that is already green, do not use creme de cacao or bother with the ice bowl.

The past 2 years, I’ve basically made my self sick from eating too much of the pie. This year, I successfully just had one slice and felt fine going to bed! This sounds pathetic, but I guess when you only get to have your favorite dessert once a year it makes it OK (in head at least). My mom did not make Christmas cookies so maybe that was why I was good.

Christmas morning, my mom made my Kale & Quinoa Quiche but with spinach instead and topped it with tomatoes and a little sprinkle of cheese. I like mine better but was willing to try a new variation!

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Per tradition, we also had a naughty treat. Usually we have coffee cake, but this year we tried miniature sticky buns from Williams Sonoma. They were really good and would recommend them if you need to cook a big batch of breakfast pastries.

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Opening presents was a really special experience this year. I asked for spa gift cards and was lucky to get a couple, one to Skoah in the South End and one to Exhale! Roomie bought me a beautiful new bag which made me cry after opening. I also finally got my first pair of leg warmers, tarte bb cream and pretty necklaces from my sister.

After presents, we got ready for the day and headed down to my cousins for more fun! It was a great Christmas.

Do you cry when opening up presents? 

Also, congrats to Miriam for winning the Kristin McGee DVD! I sent you an email so if you see this and haven’t read my email yet, email me back your address!

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Grasshopper Pie, Sticky Buns…

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  • Miranda @ Biting Life

    Oh my gosh, those sticky buns look ridiculously good!!

    I don’t usually cry when I open presents, but I almost did this year. I feel like I get more and more emotional about cheesy stuff like that as I get older. Or maybe I was just PMS-ing, haha 😉

  • Lindsay

    Hi Sarah,
    Your Christmas looks relaxing, fun and yummy! With the new year almost arriving, I have a fitness routine question for you. I am trying to balance my workout schedule (I am already a regular exerciser) to make sure I am covering all of my fitness bases. I love cardio, power yoga, and recently have discovered barre classes. I know that I need to get some weight work in there too, now that I am in my 30s. Could you direct me to a good mix of these activities? How often should I fit in cardio per week and also, how should I mix up my yoga, barre, weight work classes for lean muscle building? Thanks for any advice you have!

    • Sarah

      Hi Lindsay, So there are many schools of thought here. One will tell you to do cardio 2-3x a week, strength training 2-3x a week and flexibility 1-2x a week. That is the typical trainer response. There is nothing wrong with it. However, I love my barre classes and have honestly stop lifting weights on my own because I get the strength training at barre. I go 5x a week. I love it and that is why. If you don’t love it, then continue your weight work. It’s not one or the other. You need to do what you enjoy or you will stop. I have unlimited bar classes so I go a lot. If you are paying as you go, your schedule might look different. If you do have an unlimited membership, try doing cardio 2 days a week (I run twice a week, for 40-60 minutes), do barre/weights 2-4x a week and power yoga once a week. I really don’t think you need to do weights AND barre unless you want to do them both. If you are paying for barre as you go and it’s not unlimited monthly membership, go twice a week and try weights once or twice a week.

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