Greek Yogurt Bar in Boston – Cafe de Boston

I give Boston a lot of shit for not having healthy places to eat. I discovered this little gem yesterday after taking class at Barry’s Bootcamp. Located in Downtown Boston, Cafe de Boston has been a favorite of mine for their large salad bar with vegetarian options and variety of veggies. I stopped in to see their new layout after months of construction next door. What I found was a fabulous greek yogurt bar!

Cafe de Boston also has oatmeal until 10 am so I wonder if you could use the toppings for oatmeal too. The toppings varried from sweet to savory. I stuck with the sweet adding coconut, a little granola, fresh kiwi, pineapple, figs and mango. 

They also had candy, chocolate and some veggies, but I stuck with the fruit and nut combo. There was a variety of fresh and also dried. In addition, they had full fat and fat free plain greek yogurt which was nice! I opted for the fat. 

Cafe de Boston is located at 75 Federal Street in Bston. This isn’t a sponsored post but I love sharing my favorite healthy spots around the city. This cup cost me about $5 so it isn’t cheap but a healthier alternative to the froyo places!

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