I shared my new found love for discount grocery store ALDI last week and now I’m sharing the items that I bought during my second visit, aka a fabulous grocery haul. Let’s start with the organic deals…  

This box of organic spring mix would cost $3.99 at a regular grocery store but at Aldi, it was only $2.49. There are a variety of organic items sold under the Simply Nature name, which is Aldi’s own private label. I also bought Simply Nature organic honey for $2.49 during my first visit to make my favorite homemade granola bars. Since I had the recipe in my head, I decided to buy the rest of ingredients including this giant tub of oatmeal for $2.29. It has 30 servings inside!

I also picked up a carton of organic grape tomatoes that looked fresh for $1.99 and three avocados for a total of 79 cents! They aren’t organic, but I don’t care, it would be a sin not to buy an avocado for 26 cents each – they were rock hard so we will see how they taste once ripe…

In the Aldi circular, I saw the cutest lunch idea and wanted to recreate it with them. After reading your comments from my previous post, I knew I had to check out the cheese section to make these sandwich skewers and was not dissapointed.

The Fit and Active turkey was $2.49 and the Swiss cheese was only $1.99. I had full intentions to make the skewers for my flight on Monday but was nervous the tooth picks would get TSA attention so I have to wait until I get home on Thursday to try them.

 I also snagged organic tomato sauce under the Simply Nature label for $1.99 after reading it was only 40 calories per 1/2 cup and less than 5g of sugar per serving. 


Aside from Simply Nature which also has organic kids snacks like animal crackers, Aldi also carries a Fit & Active line. I picked up Whole Wheat Spaghetti for $1.49. 

For $1.29, I also got rice cakes which I love to top with peanut butter for a sweet treat after lunch when I’m working at home. I’m not a huge rice cake person, they are essentially void of nutrients, but it helps keep my spoon out of the nut butter jar. They are a good quick mini meal before an early morning workout too with jam and nut butter. 

I also picked up hummus, whose packaging looks familiar but I can’t place the brand before the Aldi private label. It was also just $1.99. 

I’m not a big red meat eater but for those of you that are, I wanted to point out that their beef is all USDA Choice and very affordable. 

These beans were just $2.29 and among one of the many staple items I loaded up on like canned tuna ($1.15), jarred mushrooms and peppers ($1.49-1.99 each) to jazz up my salads, the largest bag of frozen veggies I’ve ever seen for $2.99 and more frozen shrimp. I also got a large bag of red grapes for $1.99 which is an unheard of price and some European chocolate per my readers’ advice. Thanks guys! 

It wasn’t all food this visit either. I picked up an extra muffin tin for $3.99 and new rotary cheese grater for $6.99 in the special aisle. I was tempted to get a cake pop baking iron but resisted the amazing deal. Next week, I’m headed to just outside Chicago to visit the Aldi test kitchen with a few other bloggers and am very excited now. 

Some of my IRL (in real life) friends asked me this weekend, “So do you really like Aldi? Will you shop there after your campaign?” My honest answer is yes. The prices are ridiculously low and I don’t mind the no/low frills shopping atmosphere but it’s not for everyone and it definitely takes a little time to go through the store if you tend to pick up every item. 

While yes this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I received Aldi corporate gift cards to purchase my items but I will be back even when they have run out. This place is awesome. 


Grocery Haul at ALDI

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  • Wendy

    I think we’ll be going to the test kitchen together!

    I absolutely love ALDI’s produce. It stays fresher longer than any other brand. Next time you go, try their mussels. Find them in the frozen section. They are the exact same brand that Publix carries, but much cheaper. They are so amazingly good!

  • Mia

    Loved this post and now I need to figure out how to get there! ALDI is actually owned by Trader Joe’s, so that hummus packaging may look like the hummus you buy at TJ’s!

  • Natasha

    So I totally didn’t even know that these grocery stores existed in the Michigan area!!!! This makes me very happy. College life = broke life = in need of cheap groceries.

    Seriously, as a student pretty much all extra money goes to groceries, as I’m sure you know. Lol, it is a fun life.

  • Brooke

    Hey Sarah,

    Love your videos! I was wondering if you could post one focusing on tightening your waistline and ‘belly pooch’. I know you have one video already that focuses on strengthening the muscles underneath your lower belly, but I was hoping for a combo of some new exercises to strengthen that area, as well as suggestions for how to plan your cardio routines to be most effective for that area!

    I’ve been running 30 mins (3-5km depending on my energy level that day) about 3-4 times per week for a few months now. I’ve noticed great change in my legs and on the scale overall, but my waistline remains my toughest area to minimize! I know spot-reducing isn’t really a thing, so i was wondering if you could give me some tips!

    Thanks so much!

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