Healthy Noodle/Pasta Alternatives

Whether you are gluten free, paleo or just looking to eat less carbs at night, you need to know my 5 favorite noodle/pasta alternatives. Today’s New YouTube Video features healthy options you need to try!

Item’s featured in this video include:

Paderno Spiral Vegetable Slicer  – $33 on Amazon, free shipping if you have Prime like me 

Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti Pasta  – $12.99 for 2 7oz packages 

Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles

Screen Shot 2015 03 10 at 5 24 58 PM

Why not just have pasta you ask? 

Well, you either follow one of the diets listed above due to food allergies or preferences or you’re like me and you really like dessert. I would rather eat zucchini noodles, save 200 calories and have 2 cookies for dessert. That is not the necessarily the healthiest thing to do, but that is how I roll. I know I should cut down on my sugar but I pick my battles and I do the best I can. I’ll probably have the cookies, pasta or no pasta. Pasta is boring to me and I’d rather get some nutrients out of my vehicles for delicious sauces like thai peanut or vodka sauce. If you are looking to just cut 200 calories from your diet, then skip the pasta and the cookies. 

Did I miss your favorite pasta/noodle alternative? 

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