On Friday, I could not escape the feelings of helplessness, sadness and fear. The events in Newtown, CT struck a nerve for me. The last time the news brought me to tears, that I can remember was 9/11. I tried to hold myself together at work. I popped into H&M to make a quick return on my way home. The sight of a random 7-year-old girl, made me tear up and realize I was going to probably lose it when I was finally in the comfort of my home. And I did.

My career path began with a passion for journalism. It’s weeks like this that make me thankful I get to focus on health and fitness. I don’t want to ignore the tragedy but I can’t escape feeling so utterly helpless. I can only hope that I would be as brave as those that lost their lives. I avoid politics here for a reason but want to share with you a couple of articles that make me feel like maybe I can help.

The Westboro Baptist Church has allegedly threatened to picket outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. The so-called church is famous for picketing funerals of fallen soldiers and is known for targeting the gay community.  Anonymous, the hacker website, in response published the emails, addresses, and phone numbers for each WBC member. Never thought I would support Anonymous but there is a first for everything. What you can do is sign a petition that will make the Baptist Church a hate group (vs being protected by free speech) which will hopefully put a stop to their antics. Learn more about how you can sign the petition here. It just needs 10,000 more signatures to get Obama to look at it by January 13th.

The other interesting article was written by a mother who is afraid of her son who may or may not have autism, aspergers, or other mental illness. She has no relation to the shooting but admits that her son has threatened her life and is just 13 years old. The only way she has been told to make sure her sons can’t harm her or anyone else is to have him charged with a crime. It’s sad and scary but brings up the issue regarding how we deal with mental illness in our country. While everyone is rooting for more strict laws when it comes to gun control, mental illness perhaps should be an equally hot topic for reform. Read I am Adam Lanza’s Mother post on Gawker here.

I am not a mother yet. One day I hope to be. Events like this scare me to death. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. I also don’t know what I would do if I were the mother in the above article. My heart is still aching and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to stop thinking about the events that happened in the classrooms but sad events like this make me realize how short life can be. Don’t wait to tell someone you love them. Follow your heart and your gut. Stop procrastinating and start doing. Stop comparing yourself and life to others and see the happiness in your own.

Helplessness and Sadness

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  • Abby

    My mother is a nurse, and as soon as we heard about the events in CT, we talked not about gun control, but about the way mental illness is treated in America. This article is an excellent way to bring up that topic, and I want to thank you for sharing both of these links in a way that does not force political opinions onto others.
    Best post I’ve seen about the event by a blogger so far, thank you so much Sarah.

    • Sarah

      Thank you, Abby. That means a lot. I didn’t know how to mention it here. I wish there was a more direct way to help, but with my little blog, I’m trying to do what I can.

  • Marielle

    Thanks for sharing this post Sarah. I had the same thoughts going through my head every time I see a little kid and feel so sad. I don’t have any children yet either and can’t imagine what some of those poor families are going through. it’s hard to bring this stuff up through social media, but you did a great job.

  • amelia

    I grew up in ct and my bf worked in newtown, this tragic event really hit home to me.we actually know (not personally) one of the teachers who were killed. events like this prove to me that we aren’t safe even in a supposedly safe area like newtown.i really think gun control is important and wish people would open their eyes and see that it NEEDS to happen.

  • Patty

    Great post Sarah. I also read both of those articles and totally agree with the points you are making. I am heartbroken over this as well, and was also brought to tears. Seeing photos of the victims today made it even more heartbreaking. It is just unfathomable what their families must be going through. Hearing the stories of the teachers who either gave their life for their students or helped them live give me home for human kind. These are true heroes. I just hope that in about a week or so this isn’t forgotten in everyone’s minds. It seems like that’s how it is these days with events like this/the media.

  • Roni

    Sarah, a very sweet and heartfelt message. To me children are the closet we’ll ever be to a real angel. They are pure, sweet, and innocent. To know that someone would do something soo awful is heartbreaking. It touches all of us because we know and love kids because of their sense of fun, play, magic, and how they tend to see things thru their eyes. They tug at our heartstrings with their laughter and their smiles. They are always teaching us something, aren’t they??

    In church yesterday what I sensed was that we simply needed to grab our children and love on them. Hug them tight. Tell them you love them, but also to have them hug their friends and let them know how special they are.

    I also beieve in my heart that there will indeed be “Beauty for Ashes”. Simply meaning something beautiful will arise out of this heartache and heartbreak.

    Prayers for peace and not fear for everyone during this Christmas season.

  • Lauren

    Thank you for bringing attention to the horrible hate messages spread by the Westboro Baptist Church. Growing up in Kansas, I have unfortunately had to witness their horrid protests and the hate that they preach. It’s true insanity as well.

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