How I Fit Exercise Into My Busy Schedule

I HATE the word busy. I really do. I try not to use it but for search purposes, I’ve chosen to use it as the above title. What I guess I mean, and it’s not as search term friendly, is how I workout while juggling work, family and pleasure. For me, fitness is part of pleasure. As is sleep. Many people have to choose between the two but luckily given my job, I don’t always. However, neither one is easy to do or get on a regular basis.

If I choose to sleep, I often to get to exercise. If I don’t have the option to sleep because I have an early call time or shoot, then I don’t exercise and find other ways to move my body throughout the day even if I’m not going to break a sweat. I’m not the girl going to the gym at 7pm after Tommy goes to sleep. I’m too tired these days, especially now that I’m pregnant.

Here are some of the ways I fit exercise into my life:

This video also features a quick nap time workout. I used to do nap time workouts when Tommy was small, like really small, and rarely slept longer than 45 minutes. He was too little to bring to the gym babysitting so I would do these short workouts while he napped at home in the middle of winter and cold early spring. I still do these workouts but I do them at the gym.

Do each move for 1 minute, repeat 2 times through for a total of 8 minutes of work. Rest for 1 minute and then do 2 more rounds.

Move #1: Jump Squat with Rotation (See video for easier modification)

Move #2: Push Up with Mountain Climber

Move #3: Plank with Leg Lift (30 seconds on Left, 30 seconds on Right)

Move #4: Tricep Dip with Toe Touch Breakdancer

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