How I Overcame An Unhealthy Relationship With Food + Exercise

It’s summer, people like to let loose and have fun. Maybe you worked hard for your bikini body, or maybe you just gave birth to a baby, regardless, you want to feel good. Not long ago, I shared a video that I thought gave insight into how I overcame my own food guilt. You guys told me it didn’t… However since you seemed interested, I thought I’d share a more in-depth look at how I was able to feel good about myself no matter what the scale said and how I was able to feel good physically at the same time regarding energy, digestion, self-esteem and happiness.

Today’s blog post is sponsored by my friends at Culturelle.

#1. Exercise shouldn’t be associated with getting an ideal body part, punishment or calorie burn. 

Becoming a mom changed this for me. I’m not telling you guys to go have babies but for whatever reason it took me growing another human being to remove the importance of ‘exercising to look good’ into ‘exercising and eating well to create the healthiest little baby my body could produce’.

I would use exercise as a punishment sometimes for overeating and now I used exercise to boost my mood, sleep better, and help grow healthy children. By removing the importance on how many calories I was burning during exercise, I was able to feel a boost in my mood from just moving my body. It made me feel good to just break a sweat and calories burned no longer mattered.

#2. Stop labelling foods as bad and don’t make restrictions.

After Tommy was born, I didn’t have time to make breakfast from scratch or go to the healthiest lunch spots.

What can I eat that is quick, convenient and healthy, that will fill me up and easy to access?

I began eating sandwiches regularly. I had cookies if I wanted one with lunch. Nick and I ate more take out than I can remember and I ate, as Nick would say, normal! Pizza? Sure. Gone were the green juices and apple cider vinegar shots first thing in the morning and the carb-less salads. I no longer had zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs but actual pasta.

One thing that I think helped reduce my sweet tooth and insatiable hunger when it came to sweet treats was that I removed all artificial sugars from my diet. I was still a huge gum addict before I was pregnant with Tommy. Now it makes me nauseous, I think, because it’s loaded with aspartame and sucralose.

I also found that I didn’t have a gluten sensitivity and never had the urge to binge eat when I ate balanced meals that contained carbs, fat and protein. I was full when I ate enough calories! My mind and my hunger were actually in tune with one another, something I felt like I had not experienced since I was a teenager. Eating real food was fun and I enjoyed it.

I now try to steer away from the fad diets and just eat normal, stopping when I’m full and indulging on occasion.

#3. Of course you’re not going to feel good if you eat a poor diet, so be sure to focus on nutrient rich foods, vitamins, probiotics and drinking plenty of water.

I practice the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of what I eat most would consider healthy. The foods are nutrient dense which means they are made with calories that my body can use. I drink half of my bodyweight in water to help feel energized and reduce headaches which I always get when I don’t drink enough. I take vitamins daily, especially when I’m pregnant and nursing as well as a probiotic, specifically Culturelle Probiotics. Probiotics help restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your digestive tract. Taking a daily probiotic helps your digestive system work better and helps with occasional gas, and bloating. Bloating is something I used to battle a lot that made me uncomfortable. My clothes never seemed to fit the same and the scale was all over the place. 

Culturelle Probiotics work by delivering 10-20 billion live active cultures of LGG, which is the most proven probiotic strain, to help your digestive system work better. I take Culturelle Digestive Health Women’s Healthy Balance, which is safe to take during pregnancy and nursing. It helps naturally protect feminine health by promoting the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast, while also maintaining digestive health and overall wellness.

#4. Wear clothes that fit and flatter your body type!

My last tip is to get clothes that look good on your body type and fit. It’s amazing what a good fit can do for a girl’s self-confidence. I’d like to personally thank all the models who made high-waisted jeans in style. I love you! High waisted leggings are the gold standard for feeling good during a workout class with the walls covered in mirrors. Crop tops may be in style but it doesn’t mean you have to wear them if they make you feel insecure. Flowing dresses are also in style that allow for a little mom body pooch without the self-consciousness.

That’s it! 

For whatever reason, these 4 things helped me regulate my diet, exercise less and feel better about my body. It wasn’t a book on mindful eating or meditation but it did take a full year and a lot of kindness to myself to change. I do think I looked my best right before I got pregnant for the second time and I ate more calories than I can remember on a daily basis. I don’t count in case you are wondering.

Do good. Feel good. Be good!

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How I Overcame An Unhealthy Relationship With Food + Exercise

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