How My Obsession With Fitness Has Evolved Since Becoming a Mom

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At 29 weeks pregnant with Tommy, I ran a half marathon in San Francisco. Now at 29 weeks again, I don’t know how I did it. I know why, but I don’t know how my body was able to do it.

They say you can continue doing whatever you’ve been doing prior to getting pregnant and for me 3 years ago, that was running marathons! I accepted the invitation as a challenge and wanted to document my journey whether I was able to finish or not. But of course, I got ready, I have fitness accessories at My Fitness Hub to keep me and my baby safe in the marathon. Spoiler, I finished but swore I would never do it again. This time around, things are different. Having a toddler makes this pregnancy unlike my first. You are more tired because you are up early, you never stop moving, and just surviving feels like a workout.

As such, my workouts have been much more low-key. This weekend, I went for a walk and did some gardening (which would normally be a no-no, but in the city, our little patio has very little contamination from animal feces). 

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During a recent warm sunny day, Tommy and I drove down to Hingham to visit World’s End state park for a little hiking and exploration. It was a beautiful spot to stretch our legs and get some exercise. Tommy loved it and I enjoyed being able to get some exercise alongside him. This would have been a rest day 2.5 years ago but now it was my workout and I was happy about it.

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These pants are not maternity but I ordered a medium and they fit me perfectly right now. I love how they look so much like jeans but are the most comfortable pair of athletic leggings I currently own! These were a cult favorite from Lucy, a label that recently joined The North Face, for their fit and style. They are so soft, comfortable and flattering.

I got them at Zappos where you always get fast, free shipping and 365-day return policy which is needed as a busy, pregnant, toddler mom. It’s the best way for me to shop these days. I have been a customer for as long as I can remember online retail existing and have stayed because they have stellar customer service.

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Not only have my workouts changed, but my attitude towards exercise has too. I was always trying to burn calories and bust my butt to get into the leanest, best shape of my life. Many people exercise to look good and I was one of them but since I was never completely satisfied with my results, it caused a lot of inner conflict when it came to diet.

“Don’t eat that.” “You can’t eat that.” “You ate too much. You should go run 6 miles.” It wasn’t very fun. While I love exercising, sometimes it almost became self inflicted punishment because of the public fitness career path I chose. I just never felt like I looked the part back then with the exception of right before major shoots after some serious dieting. Those demons are long gone these days.

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I still enjoy exercising. It’s been fun to take on new challenges this pregnancy. I hate buying maternity clothes so I love finding tops and bottoms that fit and I’ll be able to wear them after the baby as well. Usually that means finding loose tops or sizing up. This North Face burn out tank top is perfect for wearing over my bump. I’m obsessed with the pattern. It’s great for hiking, yoga, strength training and riding the bike. It’s also open in the back.

Lucy North Face Zappos

Growing another human and taking on the responsibility of raising said human changed me. This is one of the reasons why I love pregnancy and how becoming a mom changed my overall outlook on health. Instead of focusing on the exterior or inner monologue of self esteem, I now focus on my overall health so I’m around to see Tommy grow up and have kids of his own. My motivation for working out during pregnancy is to promote growth and brain development for baby #2 as well as maintain a positive healthy attitude. I appreciate what my body can do and focus less on whether or not I want to lose 5 lbs for vanity reasons.

North Face Shoes

Hiking and taking walks has become one of my favorite forms of exercise this pregnancy. Since we don’t have “real hiking trails” nearby, I love these Mountain Sneakers by The North Face because they look like regular sneaks but have added protection for varied terrain. The North Face has been around for over 50 years and are a trusted brand when it comes rugged fitness as well as yoga, running, climbing and more.

How did I do this? If you want is spelled out, I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer. It just happened when Tommy was born. I’ve tried to explain why I think it happened but I don’t honestly know.

I’ve always loved exercise and I think the reason for that is because I’m always willing to change things up. I’m always exploring new studios, classes, equipment and more! If you’ve followed me for years you likely know I loved running, then Pilates, then yoga, then barre, then spin, then marathons, then bootcamp, then short HIIT workouts, and it will likely keep going… Find something that you love to stay motivated. Never stop exploring.

If you loved the Lucy brand or haven’t tried The North Face yet, check them out on Zappos. You’ll find Lucy’s fit expertise and favorite styles now under the North Face brand (like my leggings above) for everyday and extraordinary adventures.

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