The part I hate the most about preparing for shoots last minute is the lack of social activities.  You can go out and have soda water but from a champagne toast to a birthday shot, I usually cave in to at least one.  When I cave into two or three, that is when it snowballs.  The passed appetizers and mini cupcakes suddenly look like harmless broccoli crowns.  As a result of my all or nothing personality, I tend to avoid making plans that involve these types of social situations.  When they say losing weight shouldn’t be a diet but a lifestyle change, these are the scenarios successful losers manage well.

This past Friday, I was invited to an event being held at the Life is Good store on Newbury Street in Boston.  F.I.T. House is an ongoing series of events that takes place at the Boston store.

Life is Good partnered with Fitness Inspired Training (F.I.T) to provide people a unique in-store experience designed to help you live your best life.    In-store cooking demo’s and fitness classes are part of the program.

I went to The Art of Fitness/Designing a Health Plate event.  They served colorful snacks to show off the importance of the different colors in different foods.  The food smelled delicious and the floor was cleared of sales racks and tables for yoga mats.  I couldn’t stay because I was on my way to an engagement party but Emily of F.I.T. was so enthusiastic about the night I was sad I had to leave.

Guests were treated to colorful treats and a bag filled with Life is Good swag!  The charge was $50 to attend, but there was also a $50 gift certificate in the bag as well a cute stuffed animal, mug, fitness DVD, book and bag!  Events like this are great if you wanna get together with girlfriends but don’t want the temptation of the cocktail scene.

Look for events like this in your area by checking your local newspaper, following some of your favorite stores on Twitter or Facebook and checking free local magazines.

Wanna get together with girlfriends but don’t want to spend a ton of money?  Getting your nails done is cheaper that hitting up a bar, and you don’t have to yell over the music.  I don’t LOVE getting my nails done, but it’s a great way to spend time with friends that need catching up.

In the fall, I’m also eager to grab a girlfriend to go apple picking!  This may sound silly to some of you, but there is something about autumn weather that makes me want to bake.  Apples are a perfect baking ingredient, from the infamous apple sauce swap to apple crisp, apples are a staple in my fall kitchen.

What are some of your favorite fall activities you do with your girlfriends that are not surrounded by alcohol and food!?

How To Be Social & Lose Weight

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  • Kindal Boyle

    that was planned for this past week (apple picking) because I am the same way! Fall makes me bake with apples and pumpkin. In fact, this morning I gave your “breakfast Bake” recipe a go but instead of a banana I used 1/4 cup of pumpkin. It was delish!

  • Julia

    Fall makes me excited and eager to go mushroom picking!! Sounds weird but once you learn which wild mushrooms are edible (vs which will make you sick), it’s an excellent activity to do, even with friends. It’s also therapeutic because you basically hike/walk around in nature for hours scanning the ground for mushrooms. It’s kind of like the more active version of knitting while watching television. I’ve been mushroom picking since I was little and edible mushrooms grow pretty much anywhere there are forests and a bit of rain. You can make stu out of them, or veggie schnitzels. Mmmm I love mushrooms :)))

  • Christina

    I love apple picking! Definitely does not sound silly!
    I have two dogs, so I’ll usually invite a friend over to help me walk the dogs as a way to chat and walk at the same time! =)

  • simran

    hi sarah

    so in the last month or so i have started to eat a lot of junk food such as fish chips mc donalds and lots of treats late a t night espically sugary food and i seem to never be full even after a full meal .i used to be super healthy and could resitant food and ate 3 meals plus snanks as well as 1 hour and half of exercise everyday.can you help me?a way to kick the habiat? thanks

  • Brittyb

    wow I love your blog… Defiantly want to keep reading so keep posting!! =) I just posted on my blog a fitness issue I am having.. I would really appreciate if you would read it and give me some advice!

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