I miss my dad

I miss my dad. He made the decision to postpone his visit next week from Florida due to the pandemic and it just sucks all around. He was coming for 3 weeks from a county with a low number of cases but it didn’t seem worth it to have him quarantine for 2 weeks and risk getting infected on the flight to then only be able to see us stress free for 1 week.

Flights en route to MA are full for the holiday weekend with travelers all over the US. We were hit hard early and followed the recommendations of our local government. Their guidelines worked. We are one of only 4 states with cases on the decline. If you’re headed here from a state other than the 7 excempt, please listen to our Governor and quarantine for the recommended 14 days. We worked so hard this Spring. Our small businesses, our restaurants, our children, our economy and entire community asks you to listen and if you’re not willing to follow orders, don’t come.

I hope that I’ll get to see my dad soon and I know there are many of you out there in the same boat as me with loved ones. Please be respectful of what we’ve been through since the beginning of the pandemic and what’s it’s taken for us to get here.

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