I Never Would Have Thought My Friday Would Look Like This Again

“Today was awesome! It felt like an old SarahFit Friday.”

That is what I texted Nick this afternoon. Sure it’s two o’clock at the time I’m writing this but today has been an awesome day. If you had told me this would be my Friday 6 weeks ago, I never would have believed you.

Tommy and me woke up at 7:30 AM on a decent night of sleep. After changing his diaper, getting him dressed and smiling at each other for half an hour, we came downstairs where he happily played on his play mat while I made myself an almond milk latte and Vega Nutritional Shake for our walk. We nursed for 10 minutes and then were out the door by 8:40 AM. Walk to North End with Tommy

We walked all the way to the BTone studio in the North End which was a little over 1.5 miles. It took us about 35 minutes. I went to BTone during my pregnancy in Back Bay up until almost the end. They only have childcare at the North End and Wellesley locations however. We were 15 minutes early which was perfect for crazy mama leaving her son with a babysitter for only the second time (yesterday being the first).

There, Tommy was watched by the babysitter and I got to take class with Claudia for 45 minutes. I was shocked at how good I felt and enjoyed it when my legs were shaking. I’m really still in shock at how much strength I still have. I think it’s because Tommy weighs 15 lbs and I have to go up a flight of stairs to change him and use the bathroom in our new place.

BTone North End

I had hoped the little man would sleep on the walk over and when he didn’t, hoped he would during class. He didn’t so I knew he was going to pass out as soon as he got in the stroller, so I made sure to nurse him before we left so that I could run a few errands. Sure enough he fell asleep within 5 minutes of being outside in the jogging stroller.

First, I grabbed a smoothie at Mother Juice in the Boston Public Market. I also bought a donut at Union Square Donuts but the fitness blogger that I am, I of course only took a picture of the healthy place! I like to treat myself these days for getting out of the house.

Mother Juice

We then went to visit our friends at Barry’s Bootcamp where Tommy woke up, got to meet part of the crew and then fell asleep again right as we left.

Afterwards, we kept walking and made our way to Nordstrom’s and H&M on Newbury Street. Someone doesn’t fit any of his 0-3 month pants and needs some more. We struck gold at H&M, buy 2, get one free with fabrics that are allegedly “eco-conscious” – but more importantly they were soft.

Lastly, we stopped at one of my favorite lunch spot and grabbed a salad from Blue Glass Cafe. I got to eat my salad, write this blog post and Tommy is still sleeping at home! This is the greatest day ever.

“My life has completely changed. I love it but it’s just totally different. I can’t take a fitness class, go shopping and then grab lunch,” I said on multiple occasions when someone would ask me how I was doing.

Today, I did all those things and I now I get to just hang out with my son and snuggle.

I do not know a ton about postpartum depression but I definitely had the baby blues during the second week after Tommy was born. I think getting out of the house is what has helped me the most and being able to do what I used to do, makes me feel like Superwoman. I thought the old SarahFit world was gone, but it’s not. Life is good. Different but awesome. I wish I could have seen this post when I was in the first two weeks. New mommas out there, it gets better, I promise. 

Tomorrow Tommy is officially 2 months, too!

*I used ClassPass to book my class at BTone and paid $5 for the childcare. Only 4 kids max can be watched during a single class. Check out BTone’s website for childcare class time options. You can get $20 off an unlimited membership your first month using ClassPass with this link.

I Never Would Have Thought My Friday Would Look Like This Again

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  • shridevi

    I love the way hez just wrapping himself around you. So adorable :)..Your posts always keeps me motivated. Keep going .You rock!

  • Fiona MacDonald

    WAY to go! Don’t you feel like such a rockstar when the stars align and baby cooperates AND you feel like a normal human!!! Getting outside is a huge thing for me being a mama of a 7 month old. I find my day is just a bit better with a little fresh air (even if the weather is sucky!) …the days where everything goes right means there are more great days to come..I found after my son turned 2.5 months ..the ‘routine’ which I use lightly got a little easier and I got to know my baby a little better and could sort of stay ahead of his needs ..again NOT always lol..so way to go mama!

  • Meghan

    Sarah, I wrote a post Wednesday about the baby blues I had while my now 3 month old was in her first month or two. It was so rough for me, and I ABSOLUTELY believe that getting out of the house is what helped me. You’re right that it is so hard to think about what you can’t do anymore, but the more I start to do what I didn’t think I could do, the happier I end up being. I’m so glad you got to do what you didn’t think you’d be able to do!

  • Katie @ The Budget Backpack

    The weather has been so great around here the past few days; jealous you got to spend time outside! That’s great that you’re able to get stuff done-- and stuff you enjoy at that.The Mother Juice and Union Sq combo is the best-- my monthly treat to myself is “The Cure: and a maple bacon donut.

  • superfitbabe

    What a sweet and lovely day with Tom! I love how you make a major effort to balance out your priorities, and instead of seeing them as tasks you see them as a part of your lifestyle!

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