I will run the Boston Marathon in 2014

On my way to work today, I passed by countless photographers, news trucks and reporters. Many speaking foreign languages. I am in absolute shock still that this happened in my neighborhood. I can’t get the images of the happy families out of my head that I saw just minutes before the bomb went off. I shot this quick vlog to show you guys what it’s like down here.

I know I committed to it yesterday but I’m serious. I will run the Boston Marathon in 2014. The video came out blurry. Not sure why but my camera died before I could reshoot what I shot. Oh well. Links to charities you can donate to are in the more info of the video if you are interested.

Here are the pictures from today around the city.

IMG 0187

IMG 0186

IMG 0185

IMG 0182

As of now, I am not aware of any friends that were injured on Monday. I do however have the privilege of knowing the brave young lady on the left of this photo. Rachel went from being a J.Crew personal shopper 4 years ago to one bad ass Boston police officer. Thanks Sports Illustrated for reminding us to always look for the helpers and thank you Boston PD for being there.

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