Jessica Simpson Wedding Day Arm Workout | Real Time

Jessica Simpson obviously slimmed down to look her best for her wedding day. While much of the attention is being spent on her legs, her arms are what stole the show on the actual big day. Her long time trainer, Harley Pasternak, is not one to shy away from the press, sharing all the details as to how she and his other clients get their sculpted muscles. Using his and my favorite moves, I created this follow along arm workout that you can do at home using just a pair of dumbbells. All it takes is 10 minutes. No excuses, let’s go!

Follow Long Arm, Chest and Back Workout for Women!

If you are looking to lose weight and slim down your arms in addition to adding definition, I recommend getting at least 180 minutes of cardio a week on top of your strength training. That’s either 60 minutes, 3 days a week or 45 minutes, 4 days a week. A class like Barry’s Bootcamp where you are doing both strength and cardio counts as 60 minutes.

Do this workout 3 days a week on nonconsecutive days. Have your own wedding planned this summer or land a bridesmaid role yourself? Share this workout with the rest of your wedding party or do it together!

The Workout Details

Warm up for 5 minutes by either jogging, jumping rope or doing some sort of combination between jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees, etc.

  • 30-seconds Push-ups
  • 1-minute Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press
  • 1-minute Bent Over Row
  • 30-second Lateral Shoulder Raise
  • 1-minute Chest Fly
  • 1-minute Skull Crusher
  • Repeat.

Finish with another 5 minutes of jumping rope for a 20 minute workout. I show how to do each move in the video above.

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