Keeping My Family Safe On The Road

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I blogged. Who knew a taking on a new business adventure (FWTFL), a family and preschool volunteer could keep me away from my original love, BLOGGING and creating VIDEOS.

Last month, I took my first trip away from Connor to South Carolina with Graco and Michelin who have partnered together to share a new message: child car safety is about safe car seatsplus safe tires. These are two choices we can make that can make a huge difference in road safety and provide parents some peace of mind.

Prior to the trip I had no idea but as parents, we all need to pay more attention to our tires.

Here we are, ultra-focused on the safety of our children, which is why we spend so much time researching the safest cars and car seats. What we often don’t realize is just how important our tires are when it comes to keeping our baby and family safe on the road. 

During the trip we test drove Michelin tires, new and used, against competitor Goodyear. It was mind blowing how different your car respond.

Brakes stop your wheels, but tires stop your car. We did a little exercise comparing the distance it took our vehicle to come to a complete stop when slamming on your breaks at 40 mph. By the time the Michelin tires stopped, the Goodyear tires were still traveling at 15 mph! It stopped car lengths later in regards to distance. This guys is the difference between rear-ending a driver on the highway and avoid a collision.

We also tested the tires on a wet track, which is just as it sounds. I tried to so hard to get my tires to fish tail but was only able to do so in the Goodyear, not a good thing especially if you’re driving in a neighborhood and you swerve to avoid a squirrel playing chicken or child running after a ball in the street.

There is a huge difference in how tires perform over time. I am not a car person or a tires person, I’ve never understood people who buy rims and all that, but I am now aware and can’t look back. I can’t believe I spent so much time choosing a car seat but I never even looked at tires.

After testing Michelin tires against leading competitors, I trust their tires to keep my family safe on the road, whether the tires are brand new or a few years old.

I am lucky that we have Michelin tires on our leased Jeep Grand Cherokee and now I can drive with confidence that my family is safe. Check out the video above to see how the tires performed.

This post is sponsored by Michelin and Graco. All opinions are my own.

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