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Yesterday, I ran 6 miles down to the start of the 2012 Annual Underpants Run in Kona. The athletes, media types like me and locals all join in on the run which lasts about a mile for charity.

The run began as a sort of a joke between friends who found the public wearing of speedo swimsuits in stores and around town during the Ironman to be funny. They ran the first race as a joke in 1988 and it has grown since to become one of the most anticipated events during the week. You can learn more here if you are interested.

I have never seen so many six packs in one setting. I’m not kidding. It was unreal. Some people go all out with custom bathing suits.

UPR Kona Girls

Others take it as an opportunity to show off their national pride and packages.

UPR 2012

There was no room for modesty. One of my favorite costumes came from these three men in leopard bars with gold spandies and cups for their you know what.

Underpants run kona 2012

Since I’m not an Ironman athlete, I felt a little silly going all out with my outfit so I just wore my booty shorts by lululemon and my favorite Under Armour sports bra. If I ever come back, I will plan accordingly!

sarah fit under armour

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