Local Love: Eataly, BFX, NightShift Brewery, KleanPlate & Juice Press Giveaway!

I love living in the city. People keep asking me if we plan to move out to the ‘burbs any time soon and these companies are really making it hard for me to ever want to leave.

Today’s post is dedicated to a few new and “new to me” spots that I think you should check out if you haven’t already!

BFX Studio on Boylston

As noted in earlier posts, I get to try different studios on the weekend. I’ve been a fan of BFX the past month because it’s close to my house, on ClassPass and has a variety of great classes.


So far, I’ve taken Endure, Booty by Brabants and Build. Endure was not held in a typical group studio but in the personal training area. There were 3 stations, one for a 12 min AMRAP circuit, a 12 min cardio circuit and a 12 min time based strength circuit. I’m signed up for Fusion this weekend with my girl Sara, too. The classes are all very different. They are challenging but I’ve yet to want to “die” making it good for all levels. I’m always moderately sore. Whenever I take new classes, I always err on the side of caution and go lighter than I should because I don’t know what to expect.

I decided to take an embarrassingly posed selfie after class in the mirror, complete with pointed toe and hand on hip.



Nightshift Brewery

Nick and I brought Tommy to the Nightshift Brewery in Everett last weekend to have a Sunday “playdate” outside of the house with another friend who has a 9 month old baby. We sat in a nice little corner, drank beers and let Tommy walk along the benches and coffee tables in the corner we claimed. We did of course bring toys. I’m including the brewery on the list because it was such a great place for a Sunday funday, even with a baby.

NightShift Brewery


They did not have high chairs and I didn’t let Tommy crawl on the ground. Babies that are still chill in a bucket car seat are probably the best age for this outing but Tommy was pretty well behaved and kids were definitely welcome. We have a bumbo seat that I wish we had brought. There are couches and TV’s as well as high tops and regular tables. There was a food truck set up inside serving food. We saw at least 6 other groups with babies. The beer is also delicious as well!


It’s finally open in the Prudential, but you already knew that. While most of the attention has been placed on the sit down restaurants, the canoli cart and crepe stand, there is a counter with take out salads that are really good and reasonably priced! In Boston, you’re going to pay about $10 for a good salad at places like Sweetgreen or DigInn and Eataly is no different. Their salads are totally different however and just as if not more delicious.

Eataly Salads

For my mom readers, there are high chairs near the elevator on the 2nd floor. My advice if you are with your baby is to grab food to go and sit in the area on the 2nd floor by Boylston Street.

Protein Pancake Batter Premade by KleanPlate

I love helping local, small brands especially when they are owned by females. Kelly, the owner of KleanPlate asked me if I would be interested in trying her pancakes. As someone who used to make protein pancakes from scratch on a daily basis, I was excited to give her premade batter a try.


Kelly has a culinary background that includes time spent working at America’s Test Kitchen. Her recipe is bomb and since I’m in love with my mini waffle maker that it so easy to clean, I used it to make waffles with no added modifications. Protein pancakes for mom in less than 5 minutes. Amazing. You can’t buy them online just yet, but they are for sale at  Newton’s Nectar in Newton Center, Olive Connection in Brookline, and UFC Financial District.

For a half cup of batter, I made two very fluffy waffles for just 140 calories. I added peanut butter and banana on top and then decided to eat it as a sandwich on the go.

Waffles KleanPlate

Juice Press

I’ve been waiting a year for this place to open up down the street from me. Finally, it is and my credit card has been on fire. They had 50% off 3 or less items during their first week and I took full advantage. The soups are all amazing. The kelp noodles are to die for. My favorite salad is the roasted vegetable and the balsamic vinaigrette is undeniably my favorite ever. The raw oatmeal is ridiculously good and yeah, they are called Juice Press… I enjoy the juices too of course.


I’m giving away 5 $25 gift cards to Juice Press on my Instagram today so go on over to enter. If you haven’t been, they literally have something for everyone. Tommy is a fan of the smoothies!

Juice Press

Juice Press is located on the corner of Clarendon and St James in Back Bay. I highly recommend the soup today.


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