Make It Burn! No Gym Advanced Bodyweight Workout

New workout video this week for you guys! Since I’m going on vacation tomorrow, I thought I would create a killer workout that does not require weights or a gym. You can do this in a park, hotel room, wherever! No gym? No problem! This workout will have your trouble zones burning in a good way. Make it Burn No Gym No Problem

Learn how to do the moves by watching the video below. 

This workout is a reverse superset ladder.

You do it like this:

  • Move A 10 reps: Move B 1 rep
  • Move A 9 reps: Move B 2 reps
  • Move A 8 reps: Move B 3 reps
  • Move A 7 reps: Move B 4 reps
  • Move A 6 reps: Move B 5 reps
  • Move A 5 reps: Move B 6 reps
  • Move A 4 reps: Move B 7 reps
  • Move A 3 reps: Move B 8 reps
  • Move A 2 reps: Move B 9 reps
  • Move A 1 reps: Move B 10 reps

Rest 1-2 minutes and then start with second set of moves. Follow with the third. Enjoy! Don’t forget to pin this workout to remember to do it later if you are sitting at your desk right now 🙂

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