Morning Routine | How to get clear, glowing skin naturally!

Natural beauty is a booming business. We have cared about the food we put in our bodies for years now, trying to avoid chemicals and GMO’s like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, or MSG. However, we still were putting carcinogenic make up, lotions and other products on our skin which absorbs 60% of the ingredients. This is NOT good people and we need to do better for our own health long term.

I very rarely eat things with toxic ingredients let alone every day.Yet, I was using products that were loaded with parabens, fragrance and phthalates morning and night. I began over the past 2 years to switch over to products that were fragrance and paraben free but they do cost more than traditional drug store finds. Turns out, there is more than just fragrance and parabens to avoid but that’s another blog post…

As I began to spend a little more, I realized how worth it, it was for me to do this budget wise. Here I was spending $10 on a juice but I balked at spending $20 on a natural deodorant that would last me 4+ months. My rationale made no sense but I’ve come around especially pregnant with number two. I spend a little more on my skin care products, but I’m spending less time and money on my make up because my skin is doing so great!

As many of us begin choosing these natural products, we want to see results and often compare them to their chemical laden counterparts. We should be using these natural products to their maximum capacity for a fair comparison however, many of us are applying them incorrectly or don’t know where to start. Did you know you should never rub in an oil? How many of you are afraid to use an oil on your face for fear that you may break out?

How many products do we really need?

One size doesn’t fit all. We all have different skin types so different products will work differently on many of us. I will say that I’ve been using an oil on my face for months now and my skin has never been clearer, pregnancy hormones and all!

Okay okay, so what is the point of this post? My friend Emily from @SocialDearest on Instagram came over and showed me how she gets great looking skin with natural beauty products and how to apply them to achieve this. Emily wears little to no makeup most days and you would never know it! Her skin just glows. I am so jealous of her even complexion and appearance of no wrinkles at 9 months pregnant.

This is just the morning routine as this video is a bit long. I’ll be sharing the night time routine later this month but enjoy! There is so much good stuff in the video, it really is worth watching the whole thing.

Morning routine Products mentioned: 
Day Cream (winter) May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon

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Morning Routine | How to get clear, glowing skin naturally!

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  • LT

    I agree! I’ve noticed the more makeup I wear, the more I end up spending on skincare. When I used to care about what I eat and just skincare, I didn’t need makeup except for very special occasions where I want my eyes more noticeable and deeper, darker lips.

  • Kate Brownell

    I agree with you. These days I am avoiding overdoing makeup. I am facing skin problems too from the chemical used in makeup products. Now I am thinking that I will move to vegan friendly beauty products, this will provide glowing skin naturally. You are right, we need to select one brand for all beauty products. It will give the best result to the skin. Thanks for your sharing.

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