My Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding is an oddly controversial topic. I felt strongly in that I wanted to do it but I couldn’t care less if you decide not to. I’m not here to shame anyone. The first 4 weeks of breastfeeding were harder for me than the 41 weeks I was pregnant.

In today’s new video, I’m sharing my breastfeeding journey, from supplements to mastitis, weight loss and sports bras. We shot this a month ago, and I am still breastfeeding. Tommy will be 10 months next week. He has however started to bite me… that is the only update I feel inclined to add… ????????

Watch the video above or if on mobile, click here or the picture below.


In the video I mention the following sites and products (some are affiliates links):

Best Nursing Bras, via Lucie’s List

Juno Sports Bra, Moving Comfort

Tata Tamer, Lululemon (Mine in the video is an older design)

Lanolin for sore nipples

Soothies Gel Pads for nursing mothers – must have if your nipples hurt! These are expensive at $8 for 2, so try to snag as many as possible from the hospital 😉

Nursing Pads for leakage

New Chapter Post Natal Supplements

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