My First Mother’s Day Weekend

A year ago this weekend, I told my Mother we were expecting a baby. It’s incredible to think of all that has happened in 12 months. My requests were to sleep in, workout and eat some good food.

When I woke up at 6:30 with T, Nick took him downstairs so I could sleep in. Tommy shortly thereafter decided to take a nap until 11am! I breastfed him and then went for a run in the rain naturally. I only did 4 miles because I have nothing to train for in the near future. Hooray! When I got back, Nick had bought me the most beautiful flowers from Olives and Grace in the South End.

IMG 3013

We have a running joke that he never buys me flowers because I kill them immediately. It’s true. I’m terrible at keeping plants alive but now I love that my first bouquet came on my first Mother’s Day. I guess it was worth the 8 year wait!

I quickly showered and got ready to head down to SoWa market which is a gathering of food trucks, vintage market, farmer’s market and small local artists. This year they debuted a beer and wine garden! I had the best lemon ginger radler beer from Boulevard Brewery that tasted like Kombucha. I was surprised to learn later it’s only 128 calories, not bad!

IMG 3014

Of course Tommy was asleep and I’m at the edge of the “garden” so it really looks like I’m hanging out in a parking lot with port-o-potties but this place has potential! It needs some music but there is great food, space, fresh air, beer and wine! What’s not to love? It could use some grass, but we are in a city people.

I had the chickpea fritter sandwich from Clover which was awesome for lunch. It’s really falafel, picked veggies and hummus on a whole wheat pita.

IMG 3017

Afterwards, I got a brownie from one of the local bakers at the Farmer’s Market which I of course didn’t take a picture of – but will be back and will remember to do so!

I got to go shopping as well while Nick and his mom hung out with Tommy. I tried on like 10 different pairs of jeans and wasn’t the least bit worried or stressed. I haven’t seen the inside of a dressing room since the fall! I’ll shop with Tommy but trying things on in a store isn’t worth it. I successfully bought a pair of Hudson’s at Nordstrom Rack as a Mother’s Day gift to myself.

The best gift of all however was Tommy (of course) and his cute little personality that is emerging. He couldn’t stop sticking out his tongue at us. It was hilarious. It felt like he was mimicking us. Who knows but it was super adorable.

IMG 0619

For dinner, we went out at 5:30pm with Tommy, Nick and his mom at Barcelona in the South End. It’s funny how a baby changes your ability to make a last minute reservation.

We celebrated with my mom and sister on Saturday in conjunction with my nieces 3rd birthday. I got them both sentimental cards because I really had no idea how hard being a mom was until I had my own child.

Chobani Kids

Chobani sent me a delivery of Chobani kids yogurt squeeze packs so I brought them since Tommy is too young to eat them yet. They 25% less sugar and twice the protein compared to the leading kids’ yogurt. It was fitting the packages had Wonder Woman’s logo on them.

My sister in law works full time as a teacher out in LA and has two lovable and energetic boys. I stayed with them out in LA the past year more than I ever expected and got to see first hand 24/7 parenting. My sister has two daughters and is on her own many weeks since her husband travels so much. They made it look easy! I had no idea the sacrifices I was about to make when I gave birth. They both tried to warn me but I was in the pregnancy honeymoon stage up until day 4. I shared how hard the first first weeks were for me on my blog. I love motherhood so much even despite Tommy’s major sleep regression. Each day it gets better and better. I honestly don’t know how I love someone so much in such a short period of time. I literally have anxiety thinking about how much I love him but that’s a topic for another blog post.

This Mother’s Day was special not just because it was my first, but because it meant so much more to celebrate the other moms in my life. I really felt bad to be honest because there are so many other moms out there who deserve more praise. To acknowledge their sacrifices, their hard work, their love and dedication to their kids is the least we can do. I want to go back in time and give them all days off to go do whatever they want! I just wish they hadn’t made this job look so easy!

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day, too!

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