My Five Goals This Month + Free Workout Event w/ Life Time Athletic

There is so much talk about “having it all” as a woman. This isn’t a post about what that means or why I think it’s overrated. I’ve been meaning to read “Lean In” but the moment I pick up a book I fall asleep or get nauseous (ya know, like on a train or plane).

I was trying to be the girl with the big career and be a full time stay at home mom. Daycare two times a week, helped me so much and I’m so bummed I didn’t do it sooner however, I still feel like I don’t have enough waking hours in a day. So this holiday season, I’ve decided to let go and focus on the things that matter and what brought me to this career in the first place.

#1. Sleep

I’ve been going to bed at 9 or 10 lately and it is amazing how good you feel when you are well rested. It’s easier to deal with toddler tantrums! This also helps reduce stress and keep you healthy.

#2. My workouts

I work out about 4 times a week these days. They are non negotiable. They make me happy, make me feel good about myself, increase energy and it’s time that I use as “me time” which I strongly feel is important Whether your me time is shopping or sweating, it needs to be something you enjoy.

#3. Shoot more videos that I actually WANT to shoot

I originally got into the space because I wanted to be a tv reporter! I wasn’t a fitness expert, I was just a fitness enthusiast like many of you. I worked with different trainers and shared their workouts on the diet.com YouTube channel. You might remember some of those people included Bethenny Frankel, Cassey from Blogilates and Katrina from Tone it Up. I didn’t really set out to be the fitness person, I set out to be like the Oprah that introduced you to her favorite trainer or chef (that was what Bethenny originally was…). So this means, I’m hoping to share more videos featuring my favorite stuff from local restaurants, to great gyms.

This also includes participating in Vlogmas which is a YouTube thing where YouTubers upload a video every day in December or just 12 days by participating in the #12DaysofVlogmas. I uploaded my first on Friday and the second will be up shortly after I land today (Tuesday 12/5).

I’m actually hosting a meet up at LifeTIme Fitness in Chestnut Hill on Wednesday, December 13th at 10:30 am that is free for anyone to attend. If you have kids, there is FREE childcare. Kiddos just have to be over 3 months old. Trust me, the Kids club is top notch and Tommy (who hates daycare drop offs) happily runs away from me when we go. The have classes for the kids while you’re working out or showering, they have a special infant room with Snuggy Puppy swings (Tommy’s favorite). You don’t need a kid to come but if you do, it’s not an excuse to miss it!

Lifetime Fitness Kids Center Childcare

The class will be their signature Gluteus Maxout which is an awesome workout using resistance bands and dumbells. Think bridges, resistance bands around your thighs and side stepping – good stuff! There will be lite bites afterwards and moms are welcome to shower and use the facilities to take a little me time afterwards. Class starts at 10:30 am but come at 10 to check out the space and get the babies settled if you plan to use the childcare.

#4. Focus less on perfectly curating on Instagram

Instagram is exhausting. I love it and I hate it because I can’t seem to figure it out. I thought I needed perfect pictures but really I just need someone willing to take a picture. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I’m not a stylist, I’m not a fashion girl, I’m just an average mom sharing my success and failures as a “work from home mom.”

#5. Be present in the moment

I am guilty of being on my phone at the playground trying to respond to emails or responding back to message o  Instagram. As it gets colder outside, I’m forced to put my phone away because it dies but even at home though, I am trying to be more present. When I’m working, I’m working and when I’m parenting I’m parenting this month. I find I do a far better job when I’m not multitasking It’s easy to sit on the couch and let Tommy watch a show while I do the same but I hate how much he sees me looking at my phone.

#6. BONUS: Curate less and share more of my older kick ass stuff

I have been blogging and youtubing for about 10 years!!!! I have written and filmed some amazing pieces and I’m hoping to share more of this content because it deserves a second life but also, it’s less work on me during the always stressful holiday season.

What are your 5 goals this month?

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