My Life On The Run: Fun Stroller Workout

I’ve been loving the jogging stroller lately but I know if I want to look like I did pre-baby, I need to add in some strength training. Just doing cardio will never get you the toned results most women (and men) are looking for.

I’ve always enjoyed kicking my own butt using just body weight where ever and whenever. It’s fun to run or walk with Tommy to the Esplanade, and then do some planks or lunges on the grass to try and build back up what I lost. I love classes with childcare in the city but with nap schedules developing, I’m not able to make them as much as I was early on.

I’m always on the go and it’s nice to know I have a few workouts in my arsenal that I can do with Tommy whenever we have time. Even if I’m running errands right before or after my workout, I love how athleisure is on trend and there to help tired moms look good and ambitious. My goal each day is to dress the part of “fit mom” and hopefully fit in a workout.

Saucony Pink Top

I’m wearing items from The Life On The Run collection by Saucony in the workout below. They help add a little swagger to my sweat and are perfect to wear from gym to street. Check out the entire collection here.

Fun Body Weight Stroller Workout

Warm up with 10 minute walk or run. You do not need a jogging stroller if you plan to walk.

Perform each move for a total of 10 reps. Move on to the next move as quickly as you can with good form and stroller safety. Perform as many rounds of the 4 moves as you can in 8 minutes. Take a 1-2 minute break and repeat for another 8 minute round.

Cool down with another 5-10 minute walk or run for a 30-40 minute intermediate bodyweight workout.

stroller workout

Move #1. Jump Squat

Move #2. Single Leg Deadlift

Move #3. Pushup

Move #4. Side Plank Hip Lifts

If you are unsure how to do these moves, check out the following video below for a demo:

The high waisted pants helped boost my confidence to go sports bra only in some of the images above. They really did help a momma feel good about her core! I was also surprised at how supportive the sports bra was and cool the pink top felt in the summer heat.

My favorite part about the outfit featured in this video is my footwear. I was always a Saucony Jazz girl in college and I love the color combo featured in The Life On The Run by Saucony collection. They are my only athletic shoes that are street chic. They help me look good chasing after my 6 month old who already can’t sit still!

Suacony Jazz Sarah Fit

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I also have one $250 Saucony gift card to giveaway to one lucky reader today. To enter, simply leave a comment below sharing your current fitness goal from losing the baby weight to staying healthy during pregnancy or training for your first half marathon!

This post is sponsored by Saucony and the outfit was provided to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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