My “Mom-cation” Was Glorious + You Need One, Too

This past weekend was glorious. I didn’t do anything special but Nick gave me a mom’s day off. For 36 hours, I was in Boston by myself and I took advantage of every single minute.

Coincidentally it was also the start of Spring Break for many. I’m not sure what most pregnant women would do if they had a staycation away from their toddler but for me, I did the things I enjoyed before I became a mom and I had a lot to cram in!

Not only did I sign up for a lovely 90 minute regular yoga class (taught by fellow preggo Caitlyn Visconte), but I also grabbed a post workout smoothie at Juice Press, a grain bowl from Moody’s for lunch, cleaned, organized, did some work, got a pedicure and a facial, went to the gym as well as enjoyed a night out with girlfriends!

I didn’t stop except to lie in bed for 20 minutes after getting out of the shower. I watched HGTV. #Basic.

Even on Sunday morning, I couldn’t sleep in. I was up at 8 am.

I was ready to see Tommy and Nick when they came home on Sunday and felt so recharged. I really think that moms should be gifted a mom-cation more often and I think I just decided what my Mother’s Day wish might be… kidding of course, not really though.

I hadn’t been to a real yoga class in forever. I used to go all the time before Tommy was born but 90 minutes feels like a long time to be in a class in addition to the commute and time it takes to get to class early enough to grab a decent spot with my mat.

I had forgotten how crowded and close the mats can get at YogaWorks. I kind of like it because it really heats up the room and helps me break a sweat. However, with yogis so close on both sides, I’m always super self conscious of being the “smelly” kid in class. The poses are not the most “keep your scent to yourself” friendly.

Yoga in South End with Degree Deodorant

I’ve been trying to use more natural products, switching a lot of my make up and cleansers but I’ve yet to find a good natural deodorant that helps me feel confident in knowing I’ll be protected from odor. For active situations like cramped classes at YogaWorks or running races, I use Degree Women.

I wear a lot of white and black and I love that their new Black + White Pure Rain UltraClear goes on clear and doesn’t leave marks on your clothes. From keeping white stripes off black, to preventing yellow stains on white, it really helps your clothes stay looking like new.

Degree Yoga Shot Deodorant

It is also contains Degree’s innovative MotionSense technology. So every time you move, MotionSense keeps you fresh and free from odor.

Degree Black and White

Plus, when you get it at CVS, you’ll earn special rewards from your purchase. From now until 4/21/18, buy 1, get 1 50% off with your CVS card on select Degree Women’s Deodorant Products. You’ll also et $4 in ExtraBucks Rewards when you buy 3 Degree Women’s Deodorant products.

Degree Black + White

Get more product information at a CVS near you or online here.

Have you ever been able to take a little mom-cation? I’ve travelled for work without Nick and Tommy (obviously) but I’ve never been able to be at home for more than a few hours without the two of them let alone 36. I really think it was so beneficial for me to have before the new baby comes. If you have a toddler and are pregnant, your partner should really gift you think opportunity if possible. You will not regret it and you’re not a bad mom for wanting some time to yourself.

This post is sponsored by Degree Women. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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