I uploaded a new video today featuring the top trends for 2013 in health and fitness. You might remember I posted a blog about this earlier in the month. I shot the video while 3v, a YouTube channel by Rodale, was in Boston filming what a day in my life is like. The host of the show titled, “How are you so sexy,” is comedian Carey Reilly and she guest stars in the video providing comedic relief to my otherwise boring health vlogs.

Right before I left my house for the day, I noticed I had a large package on my doorstep from FedEx. Of course I had to go back into my locked apt to open and see what it was.

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It was the Bella Nutripro juicer! I’ve been pretty into green veggie juices since Thanksgiving and I’m pretty excited to finally be able to make my own. It is a cold press juicer which helps preserve the live enzymes and nutrients that are lost when exposed to heat (and why juicing at home is better than juice bought at the store). I’m excited to try it out!

I originally didn’t want to get a juicer (and say so in the video shot above) because they are pricey and so is buying all the vegetables required to make a glass. A PR team noticed my love affair after I shot the above video, and asked if wanted to try out their new device. According to the Wall Street Journal, the sales of home juicing appliances surged 71% since last year to $215 million. The popularity of making juice is increasing (and I said so in the video above) so I decided to give it a go since many of you do not live near a juice bar and might want a good recommendation. The one I received retails for $250. If you buy your juice at Whole Foods, that equals 25 bottles of one green BluePrint drink. Many people drink green juice every single morning making this a pricey habit it outsourced. The real kicker is the price of veggies to juice. Celery, kale, lemons and spinach are fairly affordable so it will be interesting to see how much you need for 12 ounces.

One thing I have no idea about though and would love your help is, what do you do with all the leftover pulp? I know some people have recipes so I’d love your favorite ideas.

Last week, I held two different giveaways. One featured Kristen McGee’s S3 DVD and the other was a book, “The Virgin Diet” by JJ Virgin. The first winner for the DVD was selected yesterday and notified. Congrats to Marla Deen, comment #27!

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The book went to comment #13, congrats Ilana!Screenshot 1 29 13 12 29 PM

My New Shiny Toy & Winners Announced

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  • alanna

    I’ve seen tons of pulp recipes online, most require a dehydrator, which I don’t have. This one for zucchini bread looks amazing and uses juice pulp, but I haven’t tried it yet. Protein Pow is a great resource. I love the website: http://www.proteinpow.com/2012/12/the-incredible-low-carb-and-low-fat.html

    Also, find a place nearby that does compost drop-off, so you can dispose of the pulp without throwing it out. You can’t use all of your juice pulp and you’ll have a lot. In NYC, I can drop-off compost nearby 5 days a week.

  • Roni

    Hi Sarah! I thought Carey was soo funny! When she was sampling the one spicy snack, it sounded like she had a hairball. I was cracking up!! I think she did indeed add some spice to your video today. Would love to see her on another segment where you’re doing a cooking demonstration or making one of your favorite dishes! I think she’d be a hoot! Good job on this one video! Lots of fun and good info!

  • Jill

    Hi, I’m considering buying that book, but can you tell me if she provides exact 21 day meal plans? And is it heavy on grains? (I prefer to be grain and bean free). Could you tell me what a sample day or two on the Virgin Diet is like? And I don’t want to lose weight at all…so isi t way too low calorie or something? Thanks for any tips.

  • Caroline

    I would love to do a juice cleanse, too. However I live in Germany and there is no company who sends juices to your home, but I have juicer!
    Do you know recipes or a guideline for an 2-3 day cleanse, especially if your active? By the way the really annoying thing about the juicer is the cleaning!

  • Wainy

    I have been thinking about buying a juicer as well but I thought it was wasteful but I read a few great ways to reuse the pulp. 1) Use the veggies pulp in your clean meatloaf or soup.
    2) Use the fruit pulp in protein pancakes or muffins. 3) Fruit leather!

  • Jessica LeBoeuf

    I’ve heard people making crackers, bread and even putting the pulp in meatloaf. Anywhere you can “hide it” would be a nice idea.

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