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Race bucket lists. It’s something most runners have. The Nike San Francisco Half Marathon has been on my radar ever since I learned of the finish line reward, a Tiffany’s necklace! When asked this summer to run it with ClassPass – I took no time in answering, “YES!”

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So now, I’m training for my third half marathon taking place October 18th in San Francisco, CA thanks to ClassPass. While most of you already know what ClassPass is, as a refresher it’s like a gym membership to your favorite boutique fitness studios. For just $99 a month, you can take unlimited classes around your city. The only small hitch is that you can only visit the same studio a total of 3 times per month, but don’t worry they replenish at the start of your membership cycle. I love using it because when I travel, I can switch cities using the Flex option and take classes in NYC or LA without having to pay extra.


While training for the Boston and Chicago Marathons over the past 12 months, I used ClassPass for my cross training and yoga needs. Two days a week I would take a strength training class and one day a week I would take yoga on my recovery day. On occasion, if it was raining on a run day, I would use the day pass option to run at Healthworks. It was the perfect complement to my training. This go round, I plan to do the same using BTone, Recycle Studio, Barry’s Bootcamp, Burn Fitness Studios and maybe some new ones like BFX! They are the perfect partner to work with in preparing for my next feat.

While I love working with Jess of Race Pace Wellness, ClassPass and Nike have teamed up to provide me a a training program. Nike Run Coach Blue Benadum has built a program for me to follow. I’m interested to see how different coaches work with their clients. I love Jess as she helped me break 4 hours in Boston, so Blue has some high standards to live up to but I have faith in him. If you wanna run with me in SF, ClassPass has a contest going on right now where you can win an entry. Check out the details here to win the Golden Ticket.

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I love San Francisco and the hills do have me shaking a little in my sneaks. I hear Boston feels flat compared to a race in SF.


I am offering a one month ClassPass membership to one lucky reader. You must be new to ClassPass. To enter, just leave a comment below with one or multiple studios in your city that you are excited to try. This ends Friday, August 7th, 2015.

One new exciting addition to the membership is that you can also now sign up for races through ClassPass just like you book a class! From Spartan, to Color Run and many more it’s now easier than ever to find races and classes, all through the ClassPass platform. Currently, races are only offered in Boston and NYC. If you aren’t in Boston or NYC, use your Flex to sign up for a destination race.


My personal goal is to finish and have fun. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities to visit and to be honest, having the time goal for Boston took out the enjoyment on race day. I love running and races when I’m not pressuring myself to finish under a certain time. I love fitness and races can give me anxiety when feeling pressured. I accomplished my goals in April, and I’m excited to enjoy running again!

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