My Super, Exciting, Fun Announcement!

I promised an announcement this week and without further ado…

Tommy Announcement Big Brother

Tommy Pregnancy Announcement

Tommy is getting a baby brother or baby sister this summer! We are so excited even if Tommy hasn’t warmed up to the idea yet.

I had my 12 week ultrasound today to check and make sure everything looked OK which is why I waited until this afternoon to share.

I’ve been slacking on the blog because I have felt pretty sick since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I just started feeling better and my hunger has returned with a vengeance.

Here is a quick pregnancy announcement YouTube video of us breaking the news to T.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a vlog, talking about my first trimester. Hopefully I’ll answer a lot of questions you might have and if not, let me know. This time around I did a little blogging during my first trimester since I didn’t announce my first pregnancy until 20 weeks.

We do not know the gender yet but are going to find out in February.

This time around I have a bit of guilt announcing my pregnancy. I have a few friends who have been try to conceive for longer than a year. I feel very fortunate that we have been able to get pregnant twice now without seeking medical intervention, but the pain is not lost that this announcement may cause some women. My heart goes out to you guys.

For those of you who are currently pregnant or planning to soon, like last time, I plan to share my journey. My blog name is Sarah Fit but I’m evolving and I hope to keep my current readers who are evolving with me and gain some new ones along the way. Last time around, I said I would continue to write about things that appealed to all young women and not just moms. But as I’ve already blogged, I’m tired of talking about weight loss and crushing it at the gym. As I have over the past year, my focus is going to be more on fit family/healthy living for all ages including short workouts, workout program reviews, favorite recipes, and even product reviews of favorite baby items, something I previously shied away from.

My Super, Exciting, Fun Announcement!

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  • Julie

    Congratulations! I’m due with my second in July too — July 9th! Isn’t it so much harder this time around? All I want to do is sleep, which isn’t really possible while chasing around a 2 year old haha.

  • Karoliina

    Congrats!!!❤️❤️I didn’t see this coming so you did a great job hiding it! ????So fun to follow along because I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my second one too! ❤️

  • Nikki

    Yay! I’ve been refreshing all day hoping this was the announcement. I haven’t seen any pregnancy announcements this Christmas -- I need just one! I had my second in September -- mine are 16 months apart. Very busy and exhausting, but really fun, too! Congratulations!!

  • Patty

    Oh my goodness, I knew it! Many congrats Sarah! My son is a little over 4 months older than Tommy, but we too plan to have a second child, hopefully next year. I’ll definitely follow your second pregnancy journey. Blessings to you and your family ????

  • Marion

    Oh my gosh that is SO exciting!!!! What wonderful news! And thank you for your kind thoughts that go out to those trying to conceive you are such a kind and thoughtful person! Tommy is just a bit older than my son so your videos have been super helpful to me!

  • Krista

    Congratulations! Our boys were born on the same day and it’s been fun to see how Tommy has grown just like my son has! And I’m actually pregnant again too..due at the end of May with another little boy! So it’ll be interesting to see how your second pregnancy differs (or not) from your first, just like mine! Congratulations again!

  • Caitlin A Durkin

    congrats!!! so happy for you guys! have been following you for a while now….my oldest is almost 3 and we just had our 2nd 4 mos ago, so i will be thrilled to continue following you as a mom of 2 now!! best of luck for an easy remainder of the pregnancy! glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now in 2nd tri!

  • Trish

    I’m July 4th so seems as I’m a week ahead of you. I don’t know about you but this time around seems like a whole different ball game than the first! I’m almost into maternity clothes which I wasn’t the last time until much later. Oh and exhaustion. Maybe the fact I have an 18mo old………..

  • Hannah

    Congratulations!! As a mum to a 18month old, I completely understand your change in mindset -- life has more to it than weight and calories! I have really enjoyed following your journey with Tommy, and often find myself referring to things you’ve bought or gone through. I have yet to get a regular workout plan, but aiming for it some day. Keep doing what you are doing and good luck with the next 6months -- look forward to hearing about life with 2!

  • LMH

    Congrats! Very exciting! I’m a mom two school aged kids. Life evolves and so do blogs. Look forward to continuing to read your journey.

  • Carla

    Lol!!! Tommy is going to be even more impressed when all you do is sit around with the new babe attached to your chest all day ;)) Congratulations!!

  • Laura

    Congratulations Sarah! I just found I’m pregnant for the first time due in August! It would be great to hear your modifications for exercise as the pregnancy progresses. One of the hardest things to figure out when you’re pregnant for the first time is what’s ok to do and what is not ok.

    • Sarah

      Amazing! I already started to write down a bunch of first trimester stuff -- not really many modifications but keep HR under 170 is you’re really active like me or 160 to play it safe. The doctors say 140 but I found that was outdated!

  • Paige

    Congratulations to you and your family, Sarah! I am shocked that you are pregnant, but excited for you nonetheless!! I am looking forward to continuing to read!! You are such a real person and I appreciate your real ness!

  • Amy

    Congrats! I’m very excited to follow along. I would love in particular to hear your thoughts on age difference/spacing and knowing you were ready for #2.

  • Alyssa

    Congratulations!! I have re-watched your pregnancy and postpartum videos so many times while I was pregnant and then after my son was born!! He’s 5 months now and I watch the old Tommy updates too! You are awesome, love the blog and your videos 🙂

  • Mariève

    Congrats!! We have a 21 months old and 5 months old. It’s super busy but we still have time to go to the gym. T will be an awesome big brother!!

  • Beth

    Congrats!!! I’m due July 1st with my second 🙂 My first is turning two next month so both kiddos be a little less than 2.5 years apart.

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