Each Friday I (try) to share with you my workouts from the past week. This week was a little different because I began my 1-month unlimited package that I bought for $100 as a special to The Bar Method in Boston.

I always start my Monday with a 30-40 minute run. It’s like my reset button which I desperately needed after the 4th of July. Later in the evening, I went to a 60-minute Mixed Level Bar Method class. While my legs shake and burn, I barely break a sweat doing this type of movement. The movements are small and the reps are high. I used 5 lb weights for my heavy set, and 3 lb for my lighter set which were perfect.

I love how clean and bright the studio is.

When I was leaving my first class, I asked Sarah (one of the owners) how many times a week they recommend. I typically do strength training 3 days a week, but usually sweat a little more when I do it so I was curious. She said they suggest 3-4 days a week to see results but that people do come 6 or 7! Each day is different and each instructor more or less does the same routine. They do this on purpose so that people can go everyday and will work different muscle groups. She said that if I am sore, coming will warm up the muscle and help alleviate the soreness.

I was interested to see just how different the days really were so I decided to go all week! I successfully went 5 days in a row. While my hip flexors are very tight right now typing this, I feel great and my abs look pretty flat despite a less than stellar week in eating clean. I haven’t noticed a change yet, because I’ve only been doing it for a week but I will keep you posted. Realistically I will not be going M-F the rest of the month, but I wanted to see how much the routine changed.

I found that the thigh and seat work changed the most. I do find it funny that when you work on your booty they call it “Seat Work.” So prim and proper, I love it! The thigh and seat work were also the most challenging for me, leaving my legs shaking on a daily basis. Each class I took with Sarah however, had my legs shaking even more. Moving forward, I need to stretch more after class because we do use a lot of hip flexor, and as a runner mine are super tight.The classes back to back though did help alleviate the soreness. The last time I took a Bar Method class I was sore for days.

I ran on Wednesday and Thursday as well for 35 minutes. Wednesday was a sweaty interval session of 45-second:1-minute intervals. Thursday was slow and easy because I was pretty sore.

After class today, I went to the nearest coffee shop and grabbed a double espresso. I brought it home and my own late using almond milk and NuNaturals stevia. It’s my new obsession. I know many of you don’t drink milk or soy milk either, what is your solution for the limited options most coffee shops provide? A former coworker of mine told me that she brings her almond milk in a flask!

Live in Boston and wanna try the Bar Method? Since they are fabulous, you can take a class for $10 and try a one month unlimited for $100 using my special discount codes. See them below.

SarahFit1 – Single Class at $10 (discounted from $24)

SarahFit2 = 30-day Unlimited (New Clients Only) at 20% off (so $100 total)

My Week in Working Out – The Bar Method

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  • Amy @Macncheesenpeas

    The Bar Method looks like an awesome workout! I can’t imagine going 6-7 days a week! That’s dedication! It would be cool to go a few times a week though to get a new routine for strength training and flexibility.

    thanks for sharing!

  • Heather

    my local coffee shop will steam my milk alternatives if I bring them in. They’ve since started carrying both Almond milk and Coconut milk, but prior I would pour some into a travel mug and bring it down with me. Bonus: discounted total for bringing my own mug!

  • Taylor

    Fun! I did a Barre here not too long ago and was pretty surprised how much my legs were shaking. ANd how heavy 5 lbs felt like!

    I am lucky that my coffee shop carries almond milk! Just puts a dent in my wallet since I love them so much.

  • pluvk

    This sounds like a great workout! I’m always looking for different ways to strength train.

    I never thought of using my own milk/sweeteners… I tend to order chai tea lattes. I wonder if that trick would work with regular chai tea?

  • Jess

    It is definitely a great workout! I wish more coffee shops would stock different non dairy milk alternatives!! Bringing your own in a flask is great idea! πŸ™‚

  • Johanna

    I carry my nu natural bottle with me in my purse so I can have my black coffee sweetened on the go! Inlove that brand too, and love your blog and videos your a real inspiration!

  • Sydney

    I love your blog!! And I love all your youtube videos as well! I have been going to the Bar Method for less than a month and absolutely LOVE it! I am so addicted to it that when I don’t go, I actually feel sad. LOL. I was wondering how often you recommend going? I have been going almost everyday, but take a day off from it a week. I have decided to incorporate swimming along with it. Your thoughts?

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