Greetings from Nantucket!  I’m here on vacation for the week and have been loving every minute.  I don’t want to leave this island ever.

On Wednesday morning, I was excited to take part in Tom Holland’s Bootcamp.  If you read Women’s Health, Holland actually created the three amazing workouts featured in the September issue (Lose 10 lbs, Lose 5 lbs Strength Routine).  I’m going again tomorrow with Maggie and hope to take some video!  I couldn’t believe how many people were there!  There were soccer moms, high school athletes, college students and dads.  It was a good time and most of the people knew each other since they have been coming to the bootcamp for the last 10 years!  I’m not normally a fan of bootcamp but enjoyed this session!  It was coincidence that I was able to partake in the annual 2-week long bootcamp. I took a picture at the beach and although embarrassing decided to post it.

Afterwards, I made my protein pancake and then the sun came out and we went to the beach.  Maggie and I had to bike since there are 6 of us and we couldn’t all fit in the car.  I didn’t mind burning some extra calories (I had ice cream the night before).  Right before I left Boston, I received a package from and decided to bring them with me.  It made making lunch pretty simple.  I had a Whole Wheat Sandwich thin from Trader Joe’s with Turkey, Mustard, Peppers, Zucchini, Jarlsburg Lite, tomato and hummus.  I like variety 🙂  For sides, I brought celery and carrots.

Later in the day for meal #3, I brought an apple and homemade nut mix.  I bought a nut variety featuring cashews and almonds.  I added my own dry edamame for some extra protein.  Roomie liked this addition.  It was hard resisting the potato chips and beer at the beach but I did it!

Roomie and I made dinner for everyone at the house.  We made chicken teriyaki skewers with veggies, roasted sweet potatoes and an asain broccoli slaw with ramen noodles which is not the healthiest thing I make but knew it would be a hit.  I’ll share the recipe when I get back to Boston because it is a keeper for picnics and bbq.

At the bars, I of course indulged a little too much and paid for it this morning during my morning interval run.  Thank god I didn’t have to do the bootcamp today!  I have a new favorite liquor, Triple 8 Blueberry Vodka which is made here on Nantucket.  Off to the beach with lots of water!  xoxo.


Nantucket Bootcamp and Blueberry Vodka

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  • Ashley Diez

    awesome pictures!
    i want my lunch box container to look like yours =( lol i’m trying
    are you going to make any videos in reference in anything you learned in the bootcamp maybe that we Youtubers can do at home since we might not go to any bootcamping events? pleaasee
    thank you Sarah!

  • Jill is Active

    Hey Sarah, I’m from Mass (but now live in Atl) but I certrainly know the wonders of Nantucket 🙂

    I had a quick question and was wondering if either you or Joe could answer it. I’m training for a marathon and have been seeing a personal trainer twice a week. He suggested I start taking Karbolyn to carbo-load (instead of getting it from bread, pasta, rice, etc.) Do you/Joe have any thoughts on this? I also thought it might be relevant since you’re training for an endurance event!

  • Viviana

    I’ve been thinking about going to a bootcamp. There are many here in San Diego and they are all at the beach:D

    I have a quick questions regarding your daily calorie intake! I am 2.5 pounds away from my 130 lbs goal (also thanks to your videos --esp the outdoor circuit training and the endless summer abs!) and I am starting to wonder about my “net” calories. I am on a 1400 calorie per day plan which has been working out fine so far. My question is, if I burn like 500-600 calories am I supposed to eat more? How many net calories is too low? Sometimes if it’s really hot now that it’s summer I am not too hungry and only eat 1200 cal or so but I still burn almost half of them. I workout 4 times a week; on the other 2 days I try to stay active but I don’t do a specific workout, maybe just some walking or a quick swim at the pool. On days I workout my net calories range from 550 to 800, when I don’t workout between 1200 and 1400. I want to avoid eating too little and burning too much for fear my body will go into starvation mode….

  • Kelly Lester

    Hi Sarah -- Thrilled to see you’re enjoying using my EasyLunchbox containers for your vacation lunches! Thanks so much for sharing them with your readers 🙂 -- Kelly Lester, CEO,

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