Why Do I Always Break My Resolution?

Last night, I had the privilege to volunteer at a charity event in Boston to support Youk’s Kids. It’s an organization that was started by Red Sox star Kevin Youkilis and the Junior League helped staff volunteers.

Youk’s Kids mission is to create a community of support, increase awareness and advocate for the health and well-being of children. [YouksKids.org]

My duties were to assist with the stage production crew. In a nut shell, I helped get what the talent backstage wanted. The talent included two of my favorite comedians, Josh Wolf and Sarah Colonna from Chelsea Lately, Gavin Degraw and former American Idol contestant and our Senator’s daughter, Ayla Brown. Sarah and Josh both tweeted me before the event so I had to introduce myself. It made my month.

The event was held at the breathtaking State Room in downtown. It was one of the most beautiful venues I have ever seen.

Word on the street is that is costs $30,000 night to rent out (no idea what that includes). With 300 guests in attendance, local restaurants served up treats of their own. Personal favorite Island Creek Oyster Bar was there, as was my favorite local cupcake spot, Sweet. Shuffling between the green room and the food stations, I would pass the mini cupcakes from Sweet each time. At every pass it seemed like my will power would lessen a little bit more.

First, I had a red velvet. A little later I decided to sample the vanilla. And I couldn’t leave out chocolate, right? It wouldn’t be fair. At the end of the night, I think I had 4 mini cupcakes. Well worth it, but a far cry from my New Years Resolution to eat less refined sugar…

How is your resolution going, by the way? By the 3rd week in January, most people have already given up. You can probably tell on your own if you are a gym regular. Why is it so hard to stick to a goal long-term? Here is a fun infographic I found that helped me feel slightly better.

My resolution is to always stop doing something diet related, “Stop eating artificial sweetener or start drinking more tea.” Exercise had never been a struggle for me because I enjoy it. I see results, I enjoy the therapeutic effects it bring to me and it’s something I find to be fun. I created the below video exclusively for The Laughing Cow YouTube channel with my top tips for staying motivated to always want to exercise. While I fail yearly at my resolution, I do know how to maintain a fitness routine.

After posting this video, a comment was left by a YouTube user alerting me to the overwhelming malfunctions of the JawBone Up bracelet. I was contacted by a representative to test one out. By the time I responded, they were all sold out. I thought I was lucky to hang out with YouTube employee during my YouTube Holiday Party meet-up and see how it worked. She had been using it for over 2 weeks and was loving it. She did not tell me about any glitches that she had. I guess the bracelet was failing at such an alarming rate that if you bought one, you can get a full refund, and keep it even if yours didn’t malfunction!

The Nike Fuel band that debuted recently I believe is going to strive to cover all the same measurements as the Up bracelet. However, I also heard that those sold out already as well… My advice: Track your workouts with an old-fashioned pen and paper and a heart rate monitor. I say this on a daily basis but the HRM I use is the Polar FT60. I love it.

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