New Year’s Resolution, We Meet Again

I don’t want to write about New Year’s Resolutions yet I find myself coming back to talk about them again and again. The reason likely is because I’m not where I want to be for the first January 1st in a long time.

If you went by what the magazines say, even though we hate the word diet, 50% of us have tried one in the past year. Everyone makes resolutions to exercise more, eat less, go keto, sleep more, reduce caffeine or alcohol etc… But having written about resolutions now for 12 years, I can tell you that most of them do not stick.

The only resolution of mine that really stuck was when I said I was going to stop chewing gum. It was the last of the artificial sugar still in my diet. I don’t really know how I did it but to be honest, when I got pregnant with Tommy I gave it up and when I would try it later, it made me feel sick.

But this year feels different. I’m almost 6 months postpartum and have 10 lbs that I’d like to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight. I know, I’m supposed to tell you the scale doesn’t matter. I haven’t attempted to lose weight once since Connor was born but I’m itching to get my clothes to fit like they used to.

Does this make me less of a “love your body” postpartum mother?

Does this make me less of a “fitness influencer” since I chose to eat what I wanted during and after pregnancy?

I started this blog to share what did and did not work for me. Blogging is a lot like a personal diary, that one shares to maybe help someone else relate, lament, learn from or cry with.

So that I guess means, I’m supposed to tell you I want to make a resolution for the first time in a LONG time about losing weight… ugh. I hate to type those words because part of me knows I’ll be sleep deprived, haven’t gone grocery shopping, make poor food decisions and feel bad.

I hate that in my previous childless life I cared about what I ate and it effected my self worth and self confidence. Since becoming a mom, I just have such a greater appreciation for my body. The weight took 9 months to come off after Tommy and once it did, I felt invincible. I was more confident than ever. It felt like it came off naturally but did it?

I used to review different diets back in the day. I’ve been out of the game for so long, I’m wondering if I should try one of the buzziest diets like keto or intermittent fasting or maybe just start with the simple change of not eating cookies at 4 pm and drinking wine every night. However, part of me thinks it’s pretty nice that I have been able to maintain this not so healthy diet without gaining significant weight.

So while I do not have the method quite yet, my goal is to lose the 10 lbs by Tommy’s Spring Break. We have a vacation planned and it coincides with 8 months postpartum.

I am also going to try to eat a more plant based diet limiting meat to only a few days a week.

And for the record, I don’t think I could do keto unless it was like that keto/vegan hybrid. Also, why does everyone hate fruit so much???

So while part of me feels like a terrible fitness blogger, I’m sharing my journey in hopes that maybe some of you can relate!

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