New Yummy Protein Powder For Your Pancakes!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what kind of protein powder I use. I have a few requirements of my protein powders but other than that, I am always game for trying a new brand and/or flavor. I’ve uploaded videos in past citing my requirements. Recently, I reviewed the Vanilla and Pina Colada on my YouTube channel from the Jay Robb line of products.

I have been eying this brand ever since I tried a delicious sample at Expo East a couple of years ago. It’s sweetened with stevia, does not contain protein from cows treated with rGBH, and uses whey protein isolate. It also has only 110 calories with 25 g coming from protein and only one from carbohydrates. I was not disappointed when I used the vanilla to make my protein pancake. The Pina Colada tasted a little funky with the pancake but as a smoothie it was sweet and flavorful. The infamous stevia aftertaste went unnoticed.

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