Resetting My Cravings After Thanksgiving

My philosophy for managing my weight is play hard, work harder. I know it would be a lot easier to just practice good old fashioned will power, but I’m not one to turn down a free Georgetown cupcake or shot when I see one. After Thanksgiving, it seemed like all I craved was cheese, meat, wine and bread. I managed to satisfy cheese thing in a self respecting way by mixing The Laughing Cow Queso Fresco and Chipotle wedges with salsa and baked tortilla chips but when it came to the rest, I wasn’t sure what do to since I never crave red meat, alcohol or white bread. As a result, I opted to give BluePrint another try, one year after my first experience.

I usually order my juices from The Ripe Stuff, a company based in Boston, because they do not pasteurize their juices and the owner drops them off right to your door the night before you start your cleanse. However, many of you that do not live in Boston have been asking if they ship (they do not) so I decided to partner with BluePrint and give away a 3-day cleanse to one of you that want to try it out.

Tuesday morning I taught at Barry’s Bootcamp. I usually take the class after mine but since I was starting the cleanse, I had to head home to pick up my fed ex delivery which came at 10:30 am. This is one of the main reasons I like doing the Ripe Stuff but for you guys, I would probably recommend having it sent to work or starting the following day. I was surprised to see the juices no longer had a shelf life of 4 days but a full month! I didn’t realize that even the delivered BP bottles were flash pasteurized as last year they were not (only the Whole Foods ones were). Still many claim that this does little to change the freshness or harm the nutrients.

Day 1 went well until I finished my last cashew nut milk and wanted something else. In preparation, I bought an avocado and had a few bites but was still unsatisfied. I decided to have a tablespoon of peanut butter which turned into 3 or 4… FAIL. I was able to sleep well though! Often I wake up in the middle of the night when I do one or two day juice cleanses because my stomach is growling. I wore my Jawbone Up band and walked over 12,000 steps so I was pleased with my activity for the day.

Day 2 went fine until I decided to go to Trader Joe’s and buy a bag of raw cashews. They say you can pretty much eat whatever foods are in the cleanse if you are hungry. Peanut butter is not on this list but cashews are! I ended up having more than planned, again. I felt great during the day so I decided to check out a yoga studio in the South End called Sadhana. They offer a 1 month unlimited for just $30 for new students ($24 for real students). The class taught by Glen was a slow paced Vinyasa in a heated room. It was not overly strenuous at all but with the heat, I broke a sweat and stretched out my entire body. The class different in that he suggested moving into the next pose on our own time. It was kind of like, “When you’re ready, don’t rush it, we will meet in triangle pose…” I always went into it right away but others took their time. It was very different from my favorite Hip Hop Yoga class at Back Bay Yoga taught by Erica. It was way more traditional which was a welcome change for me last night. I wasn’t really hungry afterwards so I skipped the nut milk and had tea instead. I guess eating half a bag of cashews in the middle of the day will do that to your appetite.

I woke up this AM feeling great. Sure I’ve been cheating on my “cleanse” but I haven’t been dreaming about food at all. This is only my second time trying a 3-day. I did a few one or two days cleanses during the year. I wanted to try this cleanse again to see if it has the same results as last year which is when I stopped drinking coffee all together. I lost my taste for it completely and incorporated more vegetarian meals into my weekly menus. I wanted a healthy appetite. Cleanses allow me to reset what my body craves.  Cheating for me takes away some of the discomfort that comes along with the cleansing process but yields similar results.

But Sarah, aren’t you supposed to be “healthy”? – I got this question on Instagram this morning

I like to test my will power. I love to kick my own ass in a grueling workout. Why wouldn’t I enjoy the challenge of a juice cleanse if it means I can drink and eat what I want on Thanksgiving and be able to stop my body from wanting to eat crap the rest of the month of December in just 3 days flat? I’m also giving my body a break from the grueling workouts which I think is also kind to do once in awhile.


Sign up for my monthly newsletter to get notified if you aren’t checking YouTube on the daily. I love starting my day with a green juice but do not think juice cleanses are for everyone. Are you team cleanse or team bull shit? I love you either way. I’m here to present you with ideas not make judgement. You have to chose what is right for you.

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