Roku Giveaway & Weight Loss Contest To Win Money

I started my journey on YouTube to one day hopefully be on TV, but then I realized that some of the best shows aren’t even technically on a network (Hello, Netflix!). Now, I actually have my own TV channel on Roku. If you are not familiar with a Roku, it’s pretty awesome. It lets you watch web videos and other On Demand content on your TV without paying for cable. Yes, you have to pay for a channel like NetFlix, HuluPlus, but others like AOL News, Funny or Die and the Sarah Fit channel are free – because my YouTube videos are free and that would be weird if I charged, right?

Here is my channel featured on the Roku Guide. Here is the fun news, I’m giving away a Roku so you can watch my fitness videos on your TV without having to worry about watching a small screen. To enter, simply fill out this Google form.  Winner will be chosen on Friday June 6th!

Now, if you are reading this hoping to win some money, here is your chance. I’m hosting another DietBet that starts tomorrow, as in June 4th! It ends right before the 4th of July, my favorite holiday and usually first bathing suit wearing weekend of the summer. If you have 4% of your body weight to lose and are motivated to get rid of it, sign up with just $35 for the opportunity to split the pot of the contestants who do not! About 65% of participants usually win, eating them about $12-25 per game on top of their original $35 bet. You have until 14 days into the bet to join but don’t waste any time. Weigh in ASAP to have the most time to lose the weight. Join here today for support, and monetary motivation.

Currently there are 343 players and the pot is up to $12,000! That’s incredible. If you are the only person that wins, you win it all! Crazy, right? No strings attached. Don’t be afraid either. Most participants who do not come out as winners, say they still feel like they won because they lost some weight and saved more money than the $35 they would have spent on eating or drinking away from home. Not sure what a DietBet is? Get more info here. 

SIGN UP FOR MY SUMMER RULES DIETBET HERE NOW. Watch the video above for more info, too!

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