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I always complain that Boston has no good specifically healthy restaurants. While I still think that is true, if you drive 20 minutes outside the city center they do exist. My buddy, Sara, and I made a lunch date to finally try Root, a vegan restaurant, located in Allston yesterday.

The drive took about 15 minutes. Street parking seemed full but I managed to find a free spot. It’s located on an unassuming corner of Cambridge Street, on bus routes but not near the T. There is counter service only and the space is quite small but we arrived around 1 on a Wednesday, and had no problem grabbing a table or 5 if we needed them. 

IMG 0124

We both ordered a juice to start. Sara ordered the Green (Cucumber, Celery, Green Apple, and Lime) and I followed up with a small Veg Cleanse (Carrot, Celery, Orange and Lemon). Sara’s was tart and refreshing while mine was more mild but still delicious. I loved that they had two sizes to choose between, 8 oz or 16 oz (I think). 

For our meals, I ordered the tostadas after much debate. 

IMG 0126

Tostadas: Chili-spiced roasted sweet potatoes, black bean and corn salsa, avocado and crema on crispy corn tortillas. Served with greens and mango habanero sauce.

The hot sauce we not spicy enough for me so I got a side of spicy gochujang aioli and think it was a flavorful addition. Otherwise, this dish was amazing and I would totally get it again. 

Sara ordered the MacroBowl which I almost got too! It sounded delicious. 

IMG 0127

MacroBowl: Organic Golden Quinoa topped with pickled carrot, kale, chickpeas, and avocado. Served with nori, gochujang aioli, and a citrus miso vinaigrette.

Sara said it really good but since it mostly consisted of steamed veggies didn’t have as much flavor as you wanted it to. We both agreed that we need to come back to try their Root Burger and Fries which looked amazing! 

Next door to Root is FoMu, the vegan ice cream makers of Boston. We saw it on the way in and knew we couldn’t pass up our opportunity to hit two amazing veggie loving places in one Allston trek. (Ok Ok, I know it’s not that far…) 

IMG 0130

I ordered a kiddie “magic bar” which is a coconut based vanilla ice cream with a vegan magic bar mashed in (think coconut 7 layer bar with chocolate chips and graham crackers seen below). It was amazing and you could not tell for one second this wasn’t real ice cream.

The kiddie was still $3 and about a 1/2 cup serving size which should be noted is what most ice cream nutrition labels list as a serving. I also got a chocolate peppermint whoopie pie to go. I couldn’t resist. When in Allston… I guess??? Needless to say, I was glad I worked my butt off at Barry’s Bootcamp with Derek on Wednesday Morning. 

IMG 0129

I can’t wait to go back to Root but also discover more vegan/vegetarian restaurants in “Boston”. I lived in Allston when I first graduated college but didn’t care about vegetarian cuisine back then. To find the gems, I often have to leave my ‘hood which is OK but hard to do on a regular basis since parking and driving in a city is a bitch and our subway system doesn’t exactly hit the hidden gems along their routes.

I love having friends like Sara that will go with me to funky “healthy” places. If you’re visiting Boston and want to know where to workout, check out my blog post featuring my favorite fitness studios. I’m working on a post with my favorite healthy restaurants but I gotta check them all out first!

Let me know your favorite down below….

You know how much I love Life Alive and Sweetgreen, where else should I go? 

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