Row & Tone: Shockwave Workout Video

Today, I have a new and upcoming workout for you called Shockwave!

I shot this awesome workout video featuring the Shockwave workout featured at sports clubs all of the country (and world) with Josh Crosby. It’s a circuit workout that you do using an indoor row machine. It’s offered at Equinox here in Boston and I wanted to share with you guys a sample workout because I loved it so much. If your gym has a row machine, grab a pair of dumbbells and try it out. It’s pretty quick so you can do it one or two times through.

It’s a great total body workout that will elevate your heart rate to burn calories while sculpting your muscles.

Being stressed out will get you sick. This happened to me last week. I very rarely get sick unless I’m running myself into the ground but yet we lament how it always happens at the worst possible time? I’m headed to NYC this weekend to run the Oakley Mini 10K! If you are too, let me know down below. I’m thinking of having a mini meet up at the finish line afterwards.

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