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Since I’ve talked a lot about Aldi the past few weeks, I decided that for my 4th and final post for this campaign, I would shoot a video in the store so you can see what it looks and feels like. I also thought it would be fun for you guys to see what some of my favorite items are. I still can’t believe the prices and can’t wait to go stock up on more.

I admit, the location closest to me is not nearly as nice as this store. Most of the stores are built from scratch and the Medford store is not. One thing I did not note in the video is that one of their other cost saving techniques is to only accept cash and debit cards. I believe they do accept food stamps as well.
20140307 ALDI 036

For my next party, instead of going to Target, I will be going to Aldi. In the video above, I show organic salsa, delicious tasting cheese and the cheapest baking items you’ll ever find. Many people first discover Aldi shopping for items to bake with! A can of pure pureed pumpkin was less than $1.

IMG 6614

I haven’t mentioned this yet but they also have a “special buy” section that changes every week and only lasts until supplies run out. You can get some amazing deals here on things like iPhone workout arm bands, dumbbells, muffin tins, cake pop maker, pillows, vacuums, rugs and more. They have home and food items that are specials. The items vary based on the season and month.

IMG 6616

20140307 ALDI 110

I admit, I stuck mostly to fish both times I shopped at Aldi (it is all sustainably caught) when it came to meat but on March 24th, they will be featuring grass fed organic beef as part of the “special buy.” It’s the day after my club-30 day, but I will be there to stock up! I hear it goes quick.

Do you have any questions about Aldi? I was supposed to ask you guys before leaving for the trip but Roni took a video grabbing many of her readers questions answered by the Aldi rep.

This post is part of a paid campaign with Aldi. Please go check out a store near you for your own experience. I really am going to start driving 20 minutes outside the city because the deals are THAT good. 

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