Sh*t Girls Say While Running

Running can be awesome. It can also suck, be painful and miserable. Whether you do it as a cheaper form of therapy, to work off the booze you drink, train for a race or overall health, you’ve had many of these thoughts run through your head while hitting the pavement.

Shit Girls Say To Themselves While Running

1. “Was that a B-list actor or reality star?” That moment when you pass someone running and you swear you know them, either from a drunk encounter, Full House guest appearance or even A-list actor. I’ve seen Tom Brady and Gisele in Boston and this is me every time…

2. “One glass of champagne equals one mile, right?”

3. “Running in khakis or running errands?” The inevitable inner monologue about another runners choice in apparel or lack there of… We get it, you have a good body.

4. “Shit! I’m getting passed. Oh wait, it’s a man. Guys run faster than girls.” Guys can pass me

5. “Shit! I’m getting passed. I bet she isn’t running as far as I am today.”

6. “This is miserable. Why did I voluntarily decided to do this? How do people actually enjoy this?” Even for the most avid runners, we all have our days when it just sucks. Our legs are tired and it just isn’t doing it for us.

7. “What am I going to eat when I get done. An ice cream sundae sounds good… I wonder if I could make a big one with frozen bananas, homemade coconut oil chocolate sauce, coconut whipped cream, do I have that at home?” When you have so much time to think about what you want to eat after working out, the options are endless.

8. “Why didn’t I think of that awesome comeback during our conversation early today!? I’m hilarious. Now, if I run into her on the street, how am I going to really show her up?” For some reason, while running I think about the things that annoy me, specifically conversations where I didn’t have the right words. I always come up with the best one liners and then think about how to use them in the near future.

9. “How are people running right now? It’s 10am? Do these people have no jobs? I wonder what they do. Maybe she is a hair dresser on her day off or they are both students. I bet they are thinking the same thing about me…” or it could be the reverse “Why are people up so early!? I have a flight to catch but what is their excuse?”

10. “I could totally run a marathon,” says runner at mile 6. “Why would anyone ever want to run a marathon,” says same runner at the finish of a half marathon who sits on the couch watch Netflix for the rest of the day.

There are many more things, I and many of my other favorite fitness bloggers think about while running. For more, watch my latest YouTube video that is a little different from normal 🙂 Enjoy and share with your favorite running buddy.

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