Wedding Weekend in Rochester

This past weekend, I was in Rochester, NY for my college roommate’s wedding. The entire weekend was picture perfect from the weather to the decorations. I flew to Buffalo on Friday night because the direct options were limited. The 1 hour drive was not bad after the quick 1 hour flight. I brought lunch with me on the plane which consisted of cherry tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market with white beans, SuperSeedz Somewhat Spicy Pepitas, and chopped up raw zucchini and summer summer squash (also from the Farmer’s Market) with balsamic vinegar. 

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I arrived just in time for the welcome dinner at the Strathalan Hotel and to reunite with some of my favorite college girlfriends. We were lucky to stay at my friend Rachel’s childhood house and were quickly reminded at how much fun getting ready with a group of girls really is. I do not miss college, but I miss living with and in the same building as all my friends.

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Thankfully, Friday night was tame and we were home by midnight. I was dead after only getting 3 hours of sleep Thursday night after failing to see the potential side effects of running 14 miles two hours before bed. Already in week 6 of my marathon training, I had a 6 mile run scheduled with pick ups for Saturday morning. I had no idea how beautiful my run was going to be. 

IMG 7856

My entire run took place looking at this. I was happy I did my 14 mile run on Thursday night but could not have asked for better scenery during my training. 

When I got back, it was already time to get ready for the church part of the day. We of course took lots of pictures before hand just like college but it felt more like Prom since we were at a lovely home and not gross apartments. 

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The reception took place at the Rochester Country Club. There was a tent set up in the back for dinner and the ball room was set up for dancing. Caitlin and her now husband both come from large and fun families so the space was needed. Caitlin had a vision for her wedding and her chic and clean style could be seen throughout. Unhappy with her table runner options, she made her own for the dinner tables. 

IMG 7847

I especially loved the chandeliers hanging overhead with the beautiful ivy (I think) wrapped around the tops. 

IMG 0042

Since I am not married, I know I do not notice all the little details that brides spend hours choosing, but I am starting to take notes.

IMG 0044 3

The dinner was delicious and over by 9pm allowing us 3.5 hours of dancing! I was nervous I was not going to be able to make it, but the night flew by. 

Screen Shot 2014 07 14 at 2 10 06 PM

Even when the band took a break, the dance floor was packed. 

Screen Shot 2014 07 14 at 2 13 57 PM

Screen Shot 2014 07 14 at 2 12 27 PM

By dress is by Shoshanna but I got it from a Gilt Warehouse sale a couple years ago so I do not think it still available. You can rent a the same style dress but in a solid color from Rent The Runway. I believe mine is a size 4 and I did not need to wear a bra. 

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