Six Weeks Postpartum! Fitness Update

Tommy is 6 weeks old today and that means he is eating like an animal. I guess there is a 6 week growth spurt and he has been hungry nonstop. It also means that it is time for my postnatal check up with my midwife. I actually had my appointment yesterday and was given the official OK to start working out. We’re both so excited!

Snowpants Tommy

I was told to “listen to my body” after giving the “start with walking” advice the side eye.

You guys know that I already started working out because my body told me to start moving. Kidding, my body didn’t tell me anything but I wanted to workout and felt strong enough to do so I DID! After getting to workout on President’s Day because Nick had it off from work, I didn’t return to the gym until Friday afternoon. I miss the days of 11am Pilates on a Tuesday… I had no motivation to workout at home and was tired.

Friday evening I decided I would try running on the treadmill so before leaving I pumped both breasts and put on a Champion sports bra from Target that I used to love for running and still fits.

I started by walking for 3 minutes at 3.5 mph and then tried to run at 5 mph for 1 minute. Everything felt fine except for my chest! Holy hell it hurt. After hoping the pain would go away for 3 alternating 1 minute intervals, I changed my game plan. No one was in the cardio area of the gym and I knew there was only one solution if I wanted to keep running, use my own hands as bra reinforcement.

I’ve done this before, like this summer when my preggo hormones were raging. However, back then, the pain went away after a mile.I gave it 15 minutes and then hopped on an elliptical for 15 minutes because it just wasn’t getting better.

Treadmill Walking Intervals

This discomfort was going nowhere. I need some serious new bras. I asked for suggestions on Insta and here were the most popular suggestions:

  1. Moving Comfort Juno
  2. Panache Sports Bra
  3. Victoria’s Secret
  4. double up on bras!

The most popular answer was to double up but I think I’m going to invest in a Juno sports bra.I’ll try doubling up but it just sounds uncomfortable and a recipe for a clogged duct.

Juno Sports Bra

I have one from Moving Comfort but it’s not the Juno. I just bought one for $39.99 on sale to hopefully solve my problems. Also, who knew Brook’s owned Moving Comfort.  (not an affiliate link)

There were more suggestions if you are interested in checked them out over on my Instagram.

I did take a spin class at 8:30 am on Saturday with Stephanie at Recycle Studio. It was my first class where I could allow myself to push the intensity since getting pregnant. I loved it. It felt great to be able to give it my all. As you may know during pregnancy medical professionals encourage you to keep your heart rate low enough to carry on a conversation. This class was the first time since running the Boston Marathon literally I didn’t have to monitor it.

Sunday I was tired and although I had Nick home and could have gone to the gym, I opted to stay home with the family and enjoy the baby snuggles. Knowing my doctor’s appointment was on Monday would kick my motivation into high gear, I took advantage one last time of my pregnancy before operation – “Sarah Fit Get’s Fit Again.”

In addition to training for the half marathon May 1st, I’m hoping to do the SFit Gym workouts while Tommy is napping at home since most require zero equipment or very little like dumbbells or paper towels. Today’s workout if you are following along with the February Calendar is cardio or TGIS #10 but since I’m just joining in on the fun, I’m going to do SFit #10 which combines cardio and strength using just your body weight. Friday’s workout is SFit #2 and while I love the outfit I wore, it is one of the hardest workouts that I created without equipment yet it lasts just 14 minutes.

SFit 2

There are some Sumo X Jumps seen above that I’m not quite ready for, I don’t think… Now if only Tommy would stay asleep long enough for me to get in a solid workouts!

My new bra will be here on Thursday and I’m hoping to take a shot at running 3 miles this weekend.

Did you workout during your infants naps while home on maternity leave or did you incorporate them or just walk like my midwife suggested?

Six Weeks Postpartum! Fitness Update

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  • Christina Becker

    When both my girls were tiny I would do Jillian Michael’s DVD’s at home. I would put them in the rock and play facing me and make silly faces/talk to them the whole time. Haha. I could USUALLY make it through the 45 min work outs uninterrupted but sometimes I definitely had to pause to grab a toy/pacifier or to just soothe if they got a little fussy. Now at 3 1/2 and 15 months it’s easier to get a workout in bc they think going to the “gym playroom” is the most fun thing ever!! ?

  • Sabrina @ Fit Coffee Mom

    Sometimes I worked out during her naps but I like to get a good 45mins and her naps were 20-an hour. Once I got to OK to workout I took a lot of early 545/6am classes so that way the hubs could watch the babe and I teach/ workout 🙂 Hope the bra helps!

  • Erin

    Hi Sarah! I joined 2-3 mommy baby classes a week, I loved seeing others moms! I live in canada so we have a year paid maternity leave so there are so many mommy baby options for us here! I own a barre studio and I even do mommy baby classes!! I also walked everyday even in the harshest of weather to get my little one to sleep in the pm. On the days I had no mommy baby I did 30 minute or less workouts using you tube! Next baby I will use the ten minute trainer from beach body to get in 10 minutes 3 x a day for the first 8 weeks!! I put too much pressure on myself to do full workouts and shed wake up and Id only get through a few minutes! It was frustrating! Im a member of SFIT gym so maybe ILl do that too!!! God luck with your marathon!!

  • Hannah

    I’m 6 months pregnant and stil trying to workout. I see a trainer once a week, and then go swimming and walking. Hoping that this will put me in good stead once the baby arrives. Are you eating differently now the baby has arrived? I struggle with not going wild with treats and sweets as it does feel like a licence to eat! Any tips??

    • Sarah

      I gave myself a license to eat lol. I gained 30lb and lost all but 7 right away. Had I not, I bet I would have been back to my normal weight but no one judges a lady that that just had a baby so I’m not really stressed and confident I’ll lose the last 7-10 soon enough. Check out my pregnancy posts! I talk about weight and diet a lot

  • Sara @ saralou yoga

    This is so true! Working out always feels better after you do it…you may feel tired before but sometimes all you need is a good run to feel energized!

    I don’t have kids (yet!) but I’m always inspired by fitness mama’s and love reading your stories to motivate me one day when I have a little love bug!

  • Kara

    Please make sure your bras are not too tight. I’ve gotten clogged ducts from wearing my old sports bras before while nursing. I just had my 4th in October and it’s awesome that most days I can get in a short workout everyday with YouTube.


    Hi Sarah. I gained 60 lbs with my 2nd pregnancy. I had a big boy as well. Anyways, I worked out during his naps in the basement. I used Turbofire DVDs, short HIIT workouts and I was back in shape by the time he was 9 months or so. Anyways, naps was the only time I could work out. I would plan it strategically. There is no other way around with a baby. Soon his naps will be longer, like 2-3 hours at a time. Good luck! You are doing great, fat will melt away but my stretched skin didn’t go away! I now have 9 and 5 year old and am still 34, I almost have my freedom back. It gets better, very slowly.:)

  • Rachel

    You look fantastic! I followed your posts throughout your pregnancy and am now 8 weeks preggo myself (yay!). I really empathize with your boobs being sore -- I can barely run. I was on the treadmill tonight, at home, and had to hold them while I was running. So. Painful. Did the pain ever go away for you? Thanks for the sports bra posts! I will definitely be checking those out!

    • Sarah

      While running pregnant, I did have to wear more structured sports bras but the pain usually went away after a mile or two. It did later get less but my boobs did not grow a ton during pregnancy. They are now much larger though! I have friends whose boobs have grown significantly since getting pregnant. I didn’t grow until my milk came in. I think it’s different for everyone but HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU! I loved being pregnant but I know I’m not the majority haha.

  • Kristin Lucas

    Hi Sarah -- I had my third baby on Jan 10th, just a couple days before you. My postpartum workout routine has changed and evolved with each baby. This time I started back at Pilates at 3 weeks post. I go to a Btone studio and they allow me to bring the baby as long as he doesn’t disturb the class. He usually sleeps through, but if he fusses I jump off the machine to comfort him. It has been great so far, as there is nothing I love more than Pilates. I also just got cleared for more cardio so I did my first insanity video yesterday. Because my little guy is an awful napper I put him in the Baby Bjorn bouncer and he watched me workout the whole time. He only fussed at the end, but I let him go for a few minutes and the workout felt great. I’ll be back at it today, doing some time on the treadmill. I’ll try to have him nap in the swing today while I do it, whatever works to be able to get in a workout. So glad I can follow your journey, as I am right there with you!

  • healthyhappierbear

    Definitely invest in proper bras! My friend tried wearing double and said it’s definitely not a good idea. You look amazing momma and I’m so proud of you!

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