What skinny cocktail are you?

While in Rome, I visited a bar called Freni e Frizoli. All vacation I was drinking house wine. It tasted good and was cheap. Then our last night, we literally stumbled upon this bar by accident. I had written it down in my notes to check out but forgot and did not realize how close it was to my AirBnB apartment.


The drinks looked creative and adventurous. I’m normally a vodka or tequila kind of girl, I like to play it safe but figured… when in Rome! I ordered a drink called the Purity Ring that took the bartender at least 3 minutes to carefully create (I felt bad but he didn’t look annoyed and even recommended it). Made with mint leaves, ginger beer, lime juice, grapefruit juice, bombay east gin and “Freni Mix #3” it was pure heaven. If only I knew what the heck Freni Mix #3 was… It looked like drink in the bottom right in the picture below.


Adventurous cocktails seem to be the new thing here in Boston, too. Campari and aperols are all the rage. While I’m just learning to discover when I actually enjoy gin and whiskey (Fire Ball anyone?), I’ve yet to take any risks into my own hands. I honestly often overlook trying new drinks because they just seem full of sugar.

My friends at Truvia just released this fun new Personality Pairings quiz that matches your preferences to a new light drink, many are cocktails with trendy spirits but others are non-alcoholic refreshers. Your results feature a reduced calorie cocktail recipe to go with your personality. It also allows you to play with the new liquors without the uncertainty of knowing the calorie damage.

The first time I took the quiz, I got a blended iced coffee which was not what I was looking for. But the second time, I got this fun creation called Strawberry Batida featuring Cachaca, a spirit made in Brazil usually found in caipirinhas (their version of a mojito more or less).

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 4.59.28 PM


Recipe for Strawberry COcktailHere are a few more of my favorite skinny cocktail recipes  but I will warn you, they do not contain hipster spirits or liquors. I’m not a bartender and have never been. Roomie was so he takes care of me when I want a margarita at home and boy does he know how to make one killer skinny grapefruit margarita. Maybe I’ll get him to share it on the blog one day 😉

Check out the Truvia Personality Pairings Quiz yourself. I would normally say that I am still a skinny margarita kind of girl despite what the quiz says 😉 What cocktail are you?

 Disclosure: I am a member of the Truvia Kitchen Cabinet. While I receive compensation for my participation, all opinions express are my own.

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