Boston has been hit with 85 inches of snow in the past 3 weeks! If you live in New England, you get it. This is unprecedented. Our winters are not usually like this and hopefully it will be a long time until we see this again. If you don’t live here, you are probably wondering why we put up with it.

Snow Blizzard Boston

I was able to go on a big Whole Foods visit to load up on essentials for the next week and avoid walking to the grocery store.

Whole Foods Haul

I’m taking my marathon training indoors for the 2nd straight long treadmill workout. On Friday, I ran 15 miles on a treadmill. I had to take walking water breaks, and watched two episodes of Downton Abbey. It was not enjoyable but I did it. For my shake out run on Saturday, I tried wearing these new Under Armour running sneaks which are just as comfy as they are cute!

Under Armour Shoes

Today, I’m going to attempt some hills on the treadmill as well. Running up a hill of snow doesn’t seem to sound fun right now.

This is why running the Boston Marathon sucks and I’ve waited up sign up until this year. I have to run 17 miles this coming Friday with snow banks higher than my head and temperatures in the single digits potentially. Luckily, since so many people train for Boston in Boston, the running paths are kept clear-ish. It still is dangerous with the cold temperatures, icy roads and uneven surfaces. Not only is 17 miles long and boring, but my phone dies when it gets cold so I get to do it without entertainment.

If you are able to get to a gym and use a treadmill, here are my 5 favorite running workouts you can do in 30 minutes or less. I hate treadmills but these workouts beat boredom.

5 quick Treadmill WOrkouts

Stuck at home? Here are a few of my favorite workouts shot in real time:


Flat Abs Pyramid: No equipment and just 13 minutes long. This is one of my newer videos but it’s a great challenge. Just when you think you are going to drop, we change the move and you keep going. This pyramid workout is a favorite for good reason.


Damage Control 10 Minute Cardio Workout: Another workout that stacks on exercises and is sure to leave you feeling breathless and accomplished even in your tiny snowed in apartment!

5min HIIT Quiet Cardio: If you live in an apartment and can’t do jumps, try this 5 min HIIT cardio workout.


Jessica Simpson Arms Workout: You need a set of weights for this one, but it’s still great for sculpting and toning up your arm.

Lastly, still looking? Here is a playlist featuring 10 of my real time workout videos that you do along with me. Some do require equipment.

Snowed In? My Favorite Indoor Workouts

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