Spinning: Conquered? Yes. Dominated? No

Last night, I tried spinning for the first time.  I was under the impression I would want to die 20 minutes in.  That was so not the case I am happy to report.  

Yes, I am in shape but I do not like bikes very much.  I also do not like not being able to walk the day after a work out.  I like a good burn but spinning had me under the impression that I was going to be in PAIN.  

Jessie was my instructor at Revolution Fitness. He has a mini-cult following at my gym.  People love the man’s class so I decided I had to try it.  He fit me on the bike 10 minutes before class started.  I guess most spin teachers do this, so if you want to try it, make sure you go a little early.  

I of course got stuck next to spin master of the year.  The man was sweating after song two.  I on the other hand, took it easy at first.  For newbies, I would recommend the same.  I finished hard and felt good although was embarrassed I wasn’t sweating as much as the others.  Next time, I will add more resistance, but I liked that I had no idea how much resistance was on so I could actually go at what felt OK.  

I’ve been scared of the bike class for years and now I can say, “I DID IT!”! What do you think of spinning 

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